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Last night we went to Wild Oats and filled a picnic basket with fancy deli stuff and salads and desserts, then went to Philbrook to watch a movie on the lawn there. The weather was nice and it was cool enough and there were lots and lots of fireflies out over the gardens and that was very pretty. The movie was The Philadelphia Story, which is a 1940 movie with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. It was good but it moved along so fast I kept feeling like I had missed something. I'd like to see it again sometime when I wasn't distracted by fireflies and other people around.

Today we went to the Maccu Picchu exhibit at Gilcrease while my parents took the kids to the library for a little afternoon RenFaire. I had been before with the kids but this time I got to slow down and look at everything. We were really lucky because we walked right in and though it was a little crowded, we didn't have to wait too much to see things. By the time we left, there was a line just to get in that went clear down the hall out into the main museum. Wow!

This afternoon the kids and I have been reading more in their books. They're into the third book in Judy Blume's Peter and Fudge series and enjoying them a lot. Pretty soon we're going to pack up and head over to [ profile] mstami's for the kids to swim under the watchful eye of her daughter for a while. We're having a lot of fun this weekend. :-)


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