Jan. 20th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Note to self:  Attempting small home repairs with a leaky tube of superglue is not a good idea if you like having individual fingers rather than a mitten for a hand.
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So last night, the kids and I are headed to the car to go to dinner, cause I'm too lazy to cook and I realize Dingo still has his lunch on his shirt. I run back into the house to get a clean shirt for him and when I come out, he's in the driveway wailing "MAMA, there's a GINORMOUS spider behind the van!!!" I walk over thinking, yeah, ginormous I bet, and then I see a big ol' tarantula in my driveway. A big hairy freaking tarantula. The boys are fascinated and run to get their Pops to come see it, and while they're all looking at it, I'm thinking I can't leave this freaking hairy spider out in my yard. I hate spiders and the bigger they are the more I hate them. So of course I called [livejournal.com profile] jorjedatoy and asked her if she wanted a big spider, cause she's weird that way. She said sure, bring it over, and I made Jesse catch it in a tupperware pitcher with a lid, cause he's fine with big spiders, and I very bravely drove it across town and dropped it off with her. I guess if she doesn't want to keep it she can put it in her yard, as long as it doesn't remain in my yard.

I think this brings the total of interesting animals in our yard over the last couple of years up to: possums, raccoons, turtles, lizards, various snakes, a black widow (dead, though) and a big hairy tarantula. This is in addition to the regular cats, squirrels, mice, doves, various other birds, and frogs. I've seen rabbits and foxes not far away but so far not in our specific yard. The tarantula we found, I'm thinking it's a native Oklahoma Brown, but jorje would probably know for sure. Maybe she'll put up a picture of it if she keeps it.
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Jill and Jason that I used to work with called and asked me to go to lunch today. Even though I was busy, I was ahead enough on packing that I could go, so I got to catch up on the gossip and bask in the glory that is Jill. That was very pleasant, and several other people even came out to see me. I promised Jill I'd call more often. I do miss her a lot.

I managed to get pretty much everything done today that I meant to do. I cleaned the house just enough that I won't faint when I get home from the dreadfulness. I found the chargers to the portable DVD players and gameboys. I got us all packed, did some laundry, took out the trash, did some dishes, found some CDs to take, and got Jesse new sandals because he can't find his.

I think I'm going to lie down for a few minutes maybe.

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Yesterday we took the boys to the Oklahoma History Museum and to Frontier City. Frontier City was having their annual homeschool day and it was quite a good time. We rode a couple of nice roller coasters, the train, the log ride, the roaring rapids and a variety of round and round rides. Dingo rode a lot of kiddie rides too, and the tin lizzy cars. We spent part of the time with some other families from the Campfire group and that went well. We didn't leave the park til 9:30 last night and the boys were happily worn out and we were all soaked to the skin from the water rides. Was fun.

Today we've just been cleaning. Well, Jesse and I are cleaning. Dingo is mostly being sent to his room periodically for interfering with the cleaning. I promised Jesse if he'd actually help on the house I'd make pancakes for lunch, so he did and I did. He's been helping me sort and fold laundry and went around the whole house finding and washing out cans and bottles to put in the recycling. Maybe we'll go to a movie in a while.
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Today I got a new microwave to replace the one that died this weekend, I made guacamole, and I set up a little Easter egg hunt for Dingo. And I started dealing with the giant pile of clean laundry that I've been washing but not putting away. It had taken over the top of my freezer, which is in the laundry room, and it was getting where I couldn't get out any frozen food. Yep, that's it for today.
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Another low key day. Dingo and I hung around in the morning while Jesse was writing (well, typing, his handwriting is terrible) a pen pal letter to his friend in Ecuador. We had lunch at Romeo's/Zook's, picked up some water conditioner for the betta and have been cutting down small trees and cleaning up in Katrina's pen this afternoon. She's dug dozens of holes out there; it looks like a not very well organized minefield. And she's mangled all her toys and beds. A lot of what we cleaned up was shredded stuffing from bedding and soft toys. And she's eaten the wading pool and a couple of garden hoses and a bicycle pump and her food bowls. She has stopped flipping her doghouse over though. So maybe she's lessening to just a category 4 dog now...


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