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My grandmother's funeral was this morning. It went fine and the pastor did a good job. Jesse was bawling periodically throughout and Dingo was really restless, but we got through it. I wish it hadn't been open casket. She didn't look like herself at all after the illness of the last few weeks. The whole thing took quite a while because we went out to the cemetary and then back to the church for lunch.

After we left the funeral, R went home, Dad went home, and Mom and I took the kids out to Jenks. They left me at the DMV for a few minutes to take my written test for my motorcycle endorsement and after I passed I ran across the street to the tag agency to get a new actual license, which was especially nice since the picture on my old one was sucky and the picture on the new one is pretty good. (Note to [ profile] teevnus: they need that little OREP card too, not just the certificate. But they don't copy either one, they just look at them and give them back.)

After that we went down to the Riverwalk Crossing and distracted the kids with gelato and toy stores. I bought a cute Life is Good t-shirt with a motorcycle on it as a celebratory present for myself and bought the kids some candy and small toys. We're home now trying to decide what to do about dinner. The stress of the last couple of weeks is really starting to release now that the funeral and my class (which I was dreading) are over, and I feel weird not being so tightly wound up, like I'm not used to relaxing.
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Sorry if I'm not responding quickly to email and lj comments this week. I'm feeling very much like I just want to insulate myself from everything and not do a lot of chit chatting, which isn't usually like me, I know. If I could go home from work and not see anyone at all I would, but I have things to do here and just haven't been here long enough to feel like I should be asking time off, even though I think they have a policy about paid time off for bereavement.

Tonight the kids and I will probably do a little shopping then go home and finish the cleaning I started last night. Tomorrow night we have a birthday party for one of their little friends, which I'm honestly not looking forward to in the introverted mood I'm in right now, and then Thursday night we're going out to Member Appreciation Night at the zoo, which ought to be fine, just walking around with the kids.

I've gotten five new clients at work in the last week. I've really been needing clients so that's great, but of course they'd all come the week I'm down and don't want to talk to people. Isn't that how it always goes?
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My grandmother passed away this evening. Jesse isn't taking it very well, poor kid. It hasn't really sunk in for Dingo, except now he says he'll never get the mashed potatoes he loves ever again. He only likes my grandmother's mashed potatoes. We got the word when we were across town tonight and Jesse bawled and screamed his little lungs out all the way home. It's not just this great-grandmother for him, it's all the people over the last year and a half that he hasn't quite worked through the loss of. He feels very insecure. I had a cry when we got home because it wasn't safe to cry while I was driving and then once I was feeling a little better I made the boys homemade pancakes because it was what they said would make them feel better. They both went on to bed a little bit ago and I'm going on to bed too pretty soon here. I have a little headache, which probably isn't surprising.
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Well, the funeral was very long. And sad. There were a lot of people there, lots of flowers. There was one weird thing, when the pastor was preaching on heaven and said "Heaven is a real place. Just like Sand Springs." and I thought, "Heaven is like Sand Springs? ! Um, don't sign me up, 'k?" I think he was just trying to say that it's a physical location rather than an abstract concept, but still the thought of spending all eternity in Sand Springs sent a chill up my spine.

The youngest girl was home from the hospital last night and attended the funeral, but you could see how tired she was and how difficult walking was for her. I'm glad she was well enough to be home with her family though. The family is pretty religious and that seems to be getting them by. I'm sure they could still use any good wishes anyone would care to send their way.

My other friend in the hospital got to go home last night. I talked to her daughter this afternoon and she says her mom is doing well and has been up and around a little. I hope they'll call R or I if they need anything while she's recovering. My Mom took food last night but I think I'm going to offer to bring a crockpot of something on Saturday if they'd like.

Tonight is Jesse's last musical production of the summer season, so if you've missed out, be at the BA community playhouse tonight at 6 pm. The show is only about half an hour and I can't say enough for the amusment value of watching small children perform an underrehearsed dance routine while they try to sing as well.
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Well, today at lunch, per [ profile] bills_anita's suggestion, I took a big basket of fruit, granola bars and muffins up to that family whose daughter is in the hospital and the other one was killed. I really didn't know what else to do. I wasn't brave enough to go barging in where they were since I hardly know them, so I left it with their nurse, who seemed to think it would be useful and promised to take it to them.

I visited my other friend on a different floor and she seemed in pretty good spirits for being stuck in a hospital room. I think she'll get to go home tomorrow, yay. She showed me her very impressive stitches, and you know I love weird medical stuff, lol.

Work today has been busier than yesterday, thankfully. The guy who hired me came up and told me that he'd gotten "rave reviews" about me from other staff here and at the Community Service Council. Honestly, I've only been here two weeks and I haven't done enough yet to deserve any kind of reviews, but I guess I've been showing up on time, being polite and not getting in anyone's way. Maybe they just have really low standards.

Tonight R and I and Mom and the kids are going to Discoveryland. It's going to be beastly hot, no doubt. As soon as I get off work I'm going to go home and ditch this suit and heels and put on shorts and sandals. Tomorrow night I have errands and Thursday night my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Friday is Jesse's last theater performance of the summer, Saturday is more 50th anniversary festivities (and I use the word festivities advisedly) and then Sunday my kids are leaving on vacation without me, which I am anticipatinng but also a little sad about.
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I visited my friend who's in the hospital today at lunch. She looks like she's doing well and was in a good mood, but it may be the morphine, lol. I'm going to try to take the boys by very briefly to say hi to her in the next day or so. R and I are going to to try to find some food that will keep well and take quantities of it to her house so she doesn't try to get up and cook right after she gets home. She has three kids at home and other family lives there too and I know it would be good to not have to cook for that many people while recuperating.

Scott's friend's teenage daughter who was killed this weekend, her sister is still in ICU at the same hospital that my friend is in. I really didn't know if I should stop by and say anything to that family or not. I've only met his friend once, but I felt bad not going by today. Do you think I should stop and express my condolences when I'm back over there or would it be more intrusive than thoughtful? If I knew anything I could do to help them I would, but what can you do for someone in that situation?


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