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Happy Birthday 

We don't know what we'd do without you!



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Happy Birthday
[ profile] tura!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday. I love you.
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Jesse spent all his birthday money on a suit at the mall today. He's 9, have I mentioned that? I tried to talk him out of it because he doesn't really need a suit and it's blazing hot here in Oklahoma in the summer, but he was very determined. I normally make it a practice not to get in fights with the kids about what they wear as long as it's legal and vaguely weather appropriate, so I figure there's not a need to fuss about this suit. It's his money and when he finally found one the color he liked (navy blue) in his price range, he was the happiest kid ever. His friend Trip and his aunt had both given him some dress clothes for his birthday already so he's very happy to have brand new shirts and ties to go with it. He's got a wedding we're invited to in June and he's very keen on wearing it there.

Besides the clothes, he got a lot of good stuff for his birthday: a big 2006 road atlas, a map of Japan, a travel guide to Japan, a drawing from a friend that said Konnichiwa!, a poster map of Europe and one of international flags, a glowing ant farm, a Studio Ghibli DVD he didn't have, the third season of Full House, a big book of optical puzzles and a Walmart gift card. His lunch at Fuji went well. He had about 10 kids and they did really well at a table by themselves. An older fellow from a nearby table stopped and complimented us on the way out of the restaurant on how nice and polite the kids were. Yep, those unsocialized homeschooled kids, lol.

I'm glad it's all over with. Even though they usually turn out fine, I don't actually like throwing kid parties (my horrible confession as a mother) and I'm relieved every year when March and April are through.
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Happy 9th birthday to Jesse! He has turned out to be the best kid a mom could hope for. He's smart and polite and kind and loving and funny and wants to be his own unique person. Really, what more could you ask for?

In a couple of hours we're off for sushi for his birthday. We're buying a cake on the way there because the three layer one I was making split in half and fell over as he and I were standing there. I have made dozens of cakes of all kinds but I've never seen that happen before. We just had to laugh and chalk it up to fate. Easy to replace, right, and we'll have broken but tasty cake for the weekend. :-)
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Hahahaha! I have completely taken over this cheese tasting at MacNellies tonight, mostly by accident. I thought I would have a few friends there, but I keep getting calls today adding people and I think I'm up to 11, not counting anyone who might have made their own arrangements. I bet the lady running this is hating me for calling her every day to add more people.

Today has been a good day. I got my hair cut and then R bought the family lunch at Jim's Never on Sunday because Jesse informed us it was National Eating Stuff on a Stick Day, so we had the souvlaki. The boys made me a chocolate cake decorated like a castle with ice cream cone turrets and 19 beautiful silver candles on top. (Never mind that it's the 18th anniversary of my 19th birthday, lol.) The evening is looking good too. Only a nap would make the day better. :-)
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Today we went to WalMart to buy a birthday present for Dingo's friend Kate and then to her birthday party at the Sheridan Lanes. It was a very good time. We came back and cleaned up the yard some and then Dingo rode his bike til he got a skinned knee and wanted to stop. That's pretty much the whole day.


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