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Today at work was just blah and boring, so nothing about that. After work though, I hurried home and told the kids if they could get ready in under 10 minutes, I'd take them out to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area and we could hike until the sun started to set. They were all for the plan, so we rushed over and walked a way up the 5-mile path to a ridge that overlooks South Tulsa and Jenks. It's nice up there, and only about a mile along the path, though it is pretty much uphill all the way. Of course the walk back is much easier if you turn around right there.

While walking, I asked the kids what superpowers they'd have if they could have superpowers. Jesse said "flying and super martial arts skills." Pretty standard stuff. Then Dingo said "invisibility.....and driving." I guess in his world driving is a superpower. So I asked them how they would fight crime with their powers and Jesse had a plan for beating up criminals with flying kung fu, etc. Dingo, however opined that he wasn't going to FIGHT crime, but rather would use his driving powers to drive to WalMart and his invisibility to take all the Lunchables when no one could see him. I see that I still have work to do with Dingo.

After our hike we went to the Chicken Char, where Jesse ran in and ordered us all food to go, and then we came home and watched "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" together. It was a good night.
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