Jan. 16th, 2007 11:46 am
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My office is so cold today. I didn't have to be here til 10:00 because of the weather, but I came in at 8:30 because I don't want to use up leave for nothing and getting here wasn't really a problem because the main roads are basically ok. I hope it warms up enough today to unfreeze the locks on my car though. I had to climb in through the passenger side this morning. The yard and the streets in my neighborhood are just solid ice. No traction at all. It looks like snow when you look out the window but when you walk on it it's like a skating rink; you don't even leave footprints. The weather report this morning said it would be a low of 2 tonight. 2 degrees. (That's about -17C.) I realize it gets colder other places, but damn, we also get 110(43C) degree heat in the summer. Just for sheer variation in temperature, I think we're right up there with anyplace you could name. I can't wait to get back home this evening and get into my fuzzy bathrobe and fuzzy socks under my fuzzy blanket.

***EDIT*** I went out and got the driver's side door and the frozen windshield wipers unstuck at lunchtime. Yay for that.
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You know, yesterday I didn't actually hear a weather forecast but when I was out in the sun in the late afternoon for a while, it felt like my skin was just going to peel right off my baked flesh, it was so hot. When I looked at the weather today it said it was 105.1 (40.6 C) here yesterday so I guess that explains it. I'm sure the heat index was about a million. Today it's only supposed to be about 102 (38.8 C) with a heat index of 109 (42.7 C). Oh, joy. They're talking about rolling blackouts too, which I can't recall us ever having had here in Tulsa. Stupid heat. I drove my Dad's car today just because it has better air conditioning than mine. He doesn't need it as he's currently basking in the coolness up in the mountains in Colorado.
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Today I checked my tomatoes and I have 10 baby tomatoes between two of my plants. The other plants have flowers but no tomatoes yet. Jesse's strawberries are starting to ripen up and my new morning glory has climbed an inch or two. Dingo's onions are looking good and the raspberry vines (which come up every year) are both voluminous and just covered in tiny raspberries. All the other herbs and flowers look good too. The rain this week, while personally annoying, was great for the garden, it looks like. :-)
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Today we met [ profile] mstami and her daughter at Bell's for a big afternoon of kid fun. The boys and I rode bumper boats, bumper cars, the Himalaya, the Scrambler, and the skyride. Dingo and I also rode the log ride, and Tami and I rode the ferris wheel, mostly to get away from the kids for a minute so we could gossip. Jesse and Tami's daughter got to hang out in the arcade a while and Dingo got to ride several kiddie rides. I was the only one of our party brave enough to ride the Viking ship (well, it's an Egyptian ship, but you know) and the Mind Melt. I was the only one at all on the Mind Melt when I rode it, which made it scarier for me. It's one of those tall towers that takes you up several stories and then drops you in free fall. Fun, but frightening, as I'm actually quite scared of heights; I just like that falling sensation. Tami and I got to catch up some while we walked around, which was nice. After Bell's we all went over to Border's and got drinks and looked at books. A very pleasant day, with beautiful weather. It's been in the mid-70s, sunny and breezy. Perfect amusement park weather.

I wonder if we could find someplace with a patio to eat dinner. I've really liked being outside today.


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