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Jesse has been assigned to watch American Idol by his theatre teacher. I guess they're doing auditions at the classes and he wanted the kids to see some auditions.   I've never watched any American Idol (or Survivor, or any of those things where people get locked in a house together for months) but I'm kind of enjoying it.  I'd feel bad for the people that they reject and are rude to, but seriously, if you know what the show is like and you choose to compete anyway, you've pretty much asked for it.    Ok, well, I feel a little bad anyway.   But anyhow, the point of this story is that watching the show, Jesse said that he'd audition for American Idol even if they were mean to him.   I expressed surprise,  and he said that he knows he can't trust his family and friends to tell him honestly how he performs, that we'll always tell him he's good, but he can tell those people would be honest to him even if they were mean, and he needs to know how he's really doing.   I thought that was kind of mature of him, to have thought that out.  He's really such a rational little person.  
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So I'm beginning to think that news cameras are following my children around for some sort of reality show or something. Today my Mom and kids are in the Metro diner eating breakfast when Channel 6 comes in to interview the staff and patrons about the diner closing this month for TU to expand. They end up talking to my kids for a long time and of course Jesse has plenty of opinions on the Metro closing and the reporter told Mom my kids did just great on camera so we can apparently expect to see them on the evening news on 6 tonight. I missed the news on 2 this weekend so I don't know if Dingo was on being Mr. Centennial, but I think it's funny they've been interviewed twice this week. I was thinking of taking them up the hill to Channel 8 just to see if they also needed to talk to them this week. ;-)
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So today at the Centennial celebration, which the boys went to with R and my folks, apparently Dingo was crowned "Mr. Centennial." I'm not at all clear on how this happened, but his father and brother assure me that it's true, he got a ceremony, a crown and a lot of stuff, and he'll be on the Channel 2 news tomorrow. My mother informs me that he had chocolate on his face at the time of the crowning, which is pretty usual for Dingo, but at least I had dressed him in a brand new shirt and clean jeans this morning.


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