Happy Hour

Mar. 8th, 2007 09:04 am
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Last night my plan to go straight home and rest up was derailed slightly by an invitation to go to Happy Hour at the Brookside Bar with Jill and a bunch of people from my old job.    It did though, as advertised, make me happy.   I went home about 7:00 and spent the rest of the evening having a nice dinner and watching TV and then taking a long bubble bath.  I was so tired yesterday, but I feel much refreshed today.   Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with Jill.  It was too loud at the bar to really talk much, so we were mostly shouting stupid stuff back and forth.  Fun, but hard to really catch up that way.

Oh, and this is odd. Last night I went up to the bar to get a drink and the old dude behind the bar says he needs my ID.  I'm laughing, like it's a joke, but he's serious.  I had left my bag in the car so I tell him I'll run out to the car and get it and be right back and he says, "yeah, right"  like he doesn't believe I have an ID.  WTF?  I'll be 38 in three weeks.  It was totally weird.  So anyway I go get it, show it and an ADDITIONAL ID because he's looking suspiciously at the one I give him, get my drink, come back to the table, and ask if he asked for anyone else's ID and apparently he only asked one other girl and she was in her early 20s.  When I get all prettied up, I could MAYBE pass for 30, but definitely not 20, so I have no idea what he was thinking.   You'd think I'd be flattered, but I'm mostly annoyed that I had to walk all the way back to my car.
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Today I had lunch with Jill, Carrie and Jason. I swear, Jill is just a tonic for my soul. No matter what weird thing I tell to her, she just laughs. No lectures or “be careful”s or having to explain myself, she just shares my amusement at life. And even though we don’t see each other all the time, we pick right back up where we left off. I feel really happy on days I get to talk to her. For lunch we went to MacNellies and the food was great, but they’re pretty expensive for lunch. I think I’m going to try to get over and go to lunch with Jill or the whole crowd every week if I can manage it.

Tonight I’m going to go out to Caz’s with some other friends and that sounds good too. Tomorrow *might* be bowling for the boys with one of their friends but I don’t know for sure yet. I don’t have plans Thursday, but the convention starts Friday and I’ll probably have stuff to do regarding that. With R doing the play I’ll probably end up on his schedule as far as my time with the boys. I may or may not spend much time at the convention myself. Depends on how many people I run into that I want to hang out with probably.

And to the friend who messaged me and sent me his number for a shoulder to cry on tonight, thank you SO much. You've already helped and I appreciate it more than you know.
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Jill and Jason that I used to work with called and asked me to go to lunch today. Even though I was busy, I was ahead enough on packing that I could go, so I got to catch up on the gossip and bask in the glory that is Jill. That was very pleasant, and several other people even came out to see me. I promised Jill I'd call more often. I do miss her a lot.

I managed to get pretty much everything done today that I meant to do. I cleaned the house just enough that I won't faint when I get home from the dreadfulness. I found the chargers to the portable DVD players and gameboys. I got us all packed, did some laundry, took out the trash, did some dishes, found some CDs to take, and got Jesse new sandals because he can't find his.

I think I'm going to lie down for a few minutes maybe.

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