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Today the cat attacked Dingo and scratched him in several places because he and Jesse were roughhousing and she apparently thought Jesse was being attacked. I don't like the cat anyway and now I don't know what to do. Jesse really adores this cat.

Other than that today was unremarkable. I didn't get anything done but some reading and I watered the garden. I have a lot of small tomatoes.

Tonight I'm wishing I were someone else. Someone interesting or something. I used to be interesting, I think. A long time ago.
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Today I checked my tomatoes and I have 10 baby tomatoes between two of my plants. The other plants have flowers but no tomatoes yet. Jesse's strawberries are starting to ripen up and my new morning glory has climbed an inch or two. Dingo's onions are looking good and the raspberry vines (which come up every year) are both voluminous and just covered in tiny raspberries. All the other herbs and flowers look good too. The rain this week, while personally annoying, was great for the garden, it looks like. :-)
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Well, last night was not as filled with inactivity as I might have hoped. I ended up taking Mom and the kids on a 2 mile hike up Turkey Mountain, going out to the Tomato Man and buying tomato plants and sheep poop, driving the kids to Bixby for fruit (our fruit stand closed early, so we had to go to Albertsons, blah) and then taking the boys to a Chinese buffet. Not that we should be eating out, but no one ever claimed I was fiscally responsible. Fortunately Davey only eats rice, so he's cheap to free depending on the buffet.

Today we have Cornerstone (our homeschool activity group) and Jesse and I are supposed to be going to the ballet. If he hates it I told him we can leave early though. Tomorrow I think we might go to the zoo if it's nice and then in the evening, Mom, R, Jesse and I and maybe some friends are going to a muder mystery comedy at TU.

For those interested, the tomato plants we bought were: Brandywine, 1884, Yellow Sweet 101, and Brandywine Cherry. I think I'll go get a few more varieties soon. And maybe some sweet peppers and Johnny Jump Up violas.
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Today we worked on the yard. Fence repair, cutting up wood, arranging garden stuff and general cleaning. Plus we talked to Darla Hall, who showed up in our yard. She used to be a city council member and was now out campaigning for Kathy Taylor for Mayor. I went to school with Darla's daughter and she goes to church with my aunt. The lady with her whose name I didn't catch seemed to know my Mom. It's like a small town over here.

After all that, we grilled! My Dad had gotten a bunch of NY strip steaks, so we fired up the used grill we bought cheap last summer but never ended up using and I threw them on along with a vegetarian "griller" for Mom. The steaks were great and they smelled so good cooking. I'm glad we have a bunch more of them in the freezer. I also made foil packets of thin sliced yellow squash, tomato, onion, potato and sweet potato with a little oregano flavored oil, butter, and lemon herb seasoning and grilled those too. I'll definitely be doing that again, yum.

Now to tend to my car battery that needs replacing and then I think we're going to watch movies at home tonight unless something better turns up.


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