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Oct. 2nd, 2006 09:33 am
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Last night I dreamed that I had caught an adder. I had its very long body in a paper sack with just the head out and I was holding it just behind its head. It could almost reach around to bite me, but not quite. I had been holding it for an hour or more but I couldn't put it down because I was afraid it would bite me as soon as I turned it loose. Eventually someone I didn't know brought a wooden box with a lid and said to throw it into the box and she'd close the lid, so I did, but it twisted around and grazed me on the hand with its fangs as it fell. I wasn't sure if I was poisoned or not, but then my arm started to tingle and I was trying to get someone to tie a tourniquet around my forearm and I guess someone did because one appeared. I was looking through the phone book for a vet or the zoo because I thought they might have anti-venom when I woke up. Upon waking, I found that the bracelet I had worn to bed had worked its way up my arm and was pressing into my skin right where I had dreamed the tourniquet was and my hand was a mildly tingly because it was cutting off my circulation just a little. Nice how I worked that right into the dream.
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Last night I dreamed that the Indigo Girls robbed a bank and used a huge RV as a getaway vehicle. They were carrying their guitars with them on the robbery. I was coming out of the bank and got their license plate number and turned them in, but then when they were caught I went up to them crying and apologizing for helping the police and asking them to forgive me.

How much sense does that make? Yeah, not so much.


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