Jan. 16th, 2007 11:46 am
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My office is so cold today. I didn't have to be here til 10:00 because of the weather, but I came in at 8:30 because I don't want to use up leave for nothing and getting here wasn't really a problem because the main roads are basically ok. I hope it warms up enough today to unfreeze the locks on my car though. I had to climb in through the passenger side this morning. The yard and the streets in my neighborhood are just solid ice. No traction at all. It looks like snow when you look out the window but when you walk on it it's like a skating rink; you don't even leave footprints. The weather report this morning said it would be a low of 2 tonight. 2 degrees. (That's about -17C.) I realize it gets colder other places, but damn, we also get 110(43C) degree heat in the summer. Just for sheer variation in temperature, I think we're right up there with anyplace you could name. I can't wait to get back home this evening and get into my fuzzy bathrobe and fuzzy socks under my fuzzy blanket.

***EDIT*** I went out and got the driver's side door and the frozen windshield wipers unstuck at lunchtime. Yay for that.
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In honor of the Solstice, I've built a small Stonehenge on the bookshelf portion of my desk at work.    That's probably weird, isn't it?    



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Well, the week so far has been uneventful. R and I got the kids Mega Ride Passes for the fair and they have to leave these plastic wristbands on for the next two weeks. It'll get them in free though and let them ride unlimited rides so Mom can take them, I can take them, R can take them and we only have to worry about paying for ourselves. I love the fair and will probably go without kids on Sunday and also take them a couple of times over the next two weeks. Anyone who wants to go with us should let me know, we're flexible on times.

I'm mildly worried about something an lj friend posted yesterday. Don't go looking for it, you probably wouldn't know what it was if you saw it, it was just a little shock for me. Probably nothing to worry about anyway, but you know me, if I can worry, I will.

Work is fine. Nothing much to say about that. Getting new clients one at a time. Clinic staff here is nice. Need to be busier, but I'm trying to increase my caseload as fast as I can. Just glad to have this job. It doesn't make me crazy and I actually get to help people.

I've been so busy with classes and family obligations that I've been out of touch with friends for a few weeks, but yesterday I managed to make a dinner date for next week with [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83 and I might get to have lunch friday with [ profile] subtle_nuance. I've got other friends I'm missing too, but hopefully things will work out soon to do some other friend stuff.
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Since Jesse has taken such an interest in theatre this last year, R bought us all tickets to the upcoming Broadway touring season the Performing Arts Center. I'm excited! By getting our tickets for Tuesday nights we were able to get great seats (thank you nice guy at the PAC box office for working with me!) There are 5 shows, plus we'll probably get the additional tickets for Blue Man Group. I'm looking forward to it a lot, though the second show of the season, On Golden Pond, isn't really our cup of tea, so we're giving our tickets for that night to my Mom, who loves that kind of thing. The last show of the season is Spamalot, which I just can't wait to see. The other shows are I can't Stop Loving You, Man of La Mancha, and Mamma Mia!

Today at work has been uneventful, though I have had a headache since the middle of the night. I have a new client today, which always makes my boss happy, so that's good. Honestly, I really just feel like coasting through this week as smoothly as possible, as my nerves are still just a little raw from the last couple of weeks of stress and non-stop activity. The next week isn't looking any better as I have things to do with family tonight and tomorrow night and then Friday and Saturday R and I are taking the kids to Six Flags. Next week though, I am going to insist on some down time!

Mom called me to say that Jesse and Dingo had good morning. They went on a tour of the EMSA facilities, got to go in an ambulance with the siren on, play with the EMSA dog (who's named Lansing) and got to take the Friends and Family CPR class. They even got CPR cards for completing the class and are very excited about that. They have Campfire this afternoon and get to do pirate stuff there for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Plus they're making paper monarch butterflies to send to Minnesota which will then be sent to kids in Mexico and then next spring they'll get butterflies back from kids in Mexico, to simulate the annual Monarch migration. Way cool.

Ok, off to lunch and my Tuesday staffings...
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Sorry if I'm not responding quickly to email and lj comments this week. I'm feeling very much like I just want to insulate myself from everything and not do a lot of chit chatting, which isn't usually like me, I know. If I could go home from work and not see anyone at all I would, but I have things to do here and just haven't been here long enough to feel like I should be asking time off, even though I think they have a policy about paid time off for bereavement.

Tonight the kids and I will probably do a little shopping then go home and finish the cleaning I started last night. Tomorrow night we have a birthday party for one of their little friends, which I'm honestly not looking forward to in the introverted mood I'm in right now, and then Thursday night we're going out to Member Appreciation Night at the zoo, which ought to be fine, just walking around with the kids.

I've gotten five new clients at work in the last week. I've really been needing clients so that's great, but of course they'd all come the week I'm down and don't want to talk to people. Isn't that how it always goes?
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Well, I had big plans for getting my grocery shopping and some laundry done last night, but what I actually ended up doing was getting my eyebrows waxed and watching a DVD. My eyebrows do look great, but now I feel a little guilty that I didn't get more done.

Jesse called me here at work about an hour ago and said "Hey, how would you like a free sushi lunch? If you want one, I'll have one of my people get in touch with you at noon." *blink blink blink* of his PEOPLE? I'm not sure Jesse should be thinking of his grandmother and brother as his staff, though for all I know he's hired an assistant and that's what he means. Or maybe he's been hired as an executive somewhere, although you'd think I'd have to sign some sort of permission slip or something.

My grandma is in the hospital for the third day. They thought she might be having heart problems, but it seems to be her ongoing liver issues. Kind of sucks to be a lifelong Southern Baptist teetotaller and then end up with liver problems. I went down there the day they admitted her, but I guess I should go back this afternoon and visit.

In other news, my office has dropped to about 32 degrees, my coffee has little ice floes in it and there's a polar bear family living in my file cabinet. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but it is pretty frigid in here. I can't wait til one of Jesse's people gets in touch with me so we can go do lunch someplace warmer.
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Hahaha, I've been really worried about the clinic employees walking by my office and noticing that I'm not actually all that busy.  Well, I've been wearing heels to work as lot of days (trying to make a good impression this first few weeks) and it turns out that I'm frightening the clinic employees because every time I walk down the hall to go to the bathroom or something they think an administrator is coming out of the other part of the building, since everyone in the clinic itself wears sneakers or crocs.   Maybe I'll start wearing sandals and stop worrying about the clinic employees walking by and we'll all be less stressed.
So I went to a large function last night for my Dad's side of the family at Johnny Carinos.  The family is, by and large, strict Southern Baptists which means you can't even order a drink to get  you through the evening with them.   My cousin Karen, when I arrived dressed in my customary demure way (not!) with my tattoo showing, said "well, at least it takes the pressure off me."   She's not really all that good a girl, but next to me she seems that way, and she knows it.  My aunt, who hadn't noticed my tattoo in the three years I've had it, said I was grounded for getting it.  (Yay, does that mean I get to stay in my room and sleep?)  Everyone was pretty nice though.  I kind of like being the black sheep of the family, but knowing they still love me cause we're family.    My kids acted *great*, much better than my various cousins' kids the same age and it was remarked on by several people.  That must just mystify everyone, as I alone in the family don't spank my kids or take them to church.  (Cause you know church kids never get in trouble, lol.)
Looking forward to the weekend.
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Well, today at lunch, per [ profile] bills_anita's suggestion, I took a big basket of fruit, granola bars and muffins up to that family whose daughter is in the hospital and the other one was killed. I really didn't know what else to do. I wasn't brave enough to go barging in where they were since I hardly know them, so I left it with their nurse, who seemed to think it would be useful and promised to take it to them.

I visited my other friend on a different floor and she seemed in pretty good spirits for being stuck in a hospital room. I think she'll get to go home tomorrow, yay. She showed me her very impressive stitches, and you know I love weird medical stuff, lol.

Work today has been busier than yesterday, thankfully. The guy who hired me came up and told me that he'd gotten "rave reviews" about me from other staff here and at the Community Service Council. Honestly, I've only been here two weeks and I haven't done enough yet to deserve any kind of reviews, but I guess I've been showing up on time, being polite and not getting in anyone's way. Maybe they just have really low standards.

Tonight R and I and Mom and the kids are going to Discoveryland. It's going to be beastly hot, no doubt. As soon as I get off work I'm going to go home and ditch this suit and heels and put on shorts and sandals. Tomorrow night I have errands and Thursday night my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Friday is Jesse's last theater performance of the summer, Saturday is more 50th anniversary festivities (and I use the word festivities advisedly) and then Sunday my kids are leaving on vacation without me, which I am anticipatinng but also a little sad about.
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So this morning I'm sitting at my desk and I get a transfer call from somewhere in the building. I pick it up and a very professional voice says "This is KRMG news and we were wondering if you could give us a comment on the morning-after pill." I'm thinking, well this is odd, KRMG never wanted my opinion before, but I do have one...and then the clinic assistant comes running around the corner saying "I transferred that call to the wrong person!" So I had to transfer it to someone else and didn't get to be on the conservative news espousing my feminist views, darn it. Probably for the best, no?
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Today at work I was just trying to keep busy. I found some things to do though and got to talk to some of the other staff. I grow ever more convinced this will be a good job for me. Jill called me this morning and we laughed so hard on the phone about dumb stuff. We're going to lunch tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it a lot; it probably goes without saying that I miss her. Then in the afternoon [ profile] moonpack_alpha texted me about going out to Caz's tomorrow night. So a full day of girl friend fun, yay! I feel loved. :-)

This evening Dingo and I did some shopping and then put on mosquito repellent and played in his little pool til dinnertime. Jesse's at R's for play practice again so Dingo and I have had a nice time hanging out together. After the play is over, R is going to take Dingo to do some with just him to even it out. They both love having Daddy all to themselves for an evening.

After Dingo goes to sleep, I'm going to go take a warm bubble bath and read magazines. It's been a good day and a calm evening.
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The temperature in my office is about -20 degrees. I'm the only person in Oklahoma who's happy to go out into the heat today, which is roughly at the same temperature as the surface of Venus, I believe, but at least I can feel my extremities again out there.
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My friend Bucky recently posted a list of all the jobs he's had. It was interesting and I've had a varied job history myself so I thought I'd do the same. This doesn't count any unoffical jobs where I just worked for a friend or did volunteer work or convention planning or such, though many of those were pretty time consuming. And the job coaching I did had me working at a lot of different places, so though I was employed by an agency I worked at various job sites, which I listed seperately. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

I've been a busy bee )


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