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For anyone who just can't get enough of my kids (this pretty much just means you, [ profile] mamaduck), here's a picture of them sitting on my scooter dressed up for BooHaHa last weekend.

awwww...cute scooter! I mean, cute kids! )
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Today Jesse got to go up in a small plane out in Owasso. There's some kind of program where local pilots volunteer to take kids 8-17 up in private planes and then answer their questions about aviation. R volunteered to take Jesse to that and since Dingo is too young to go, Mom and I took him to Chuck E Cheese so that he wouldn't feel like Jesse got to do something cool and he didn't. At 9:30 am on Saturday, Chuck E Cheese is really dead, so that was nice. It was unusually quiet. There were about 8 other people in the whole place. Jesse reported back that he loved his plane ride and by coincidence had gotten to go up in the same plane with two other boys who belong to one of his homeschooling groups.

The afternoon was busy but less exciting. We went to a "fall festival" in Sperry to watch my Mom's clogging group, went to Walmart and on the way back ate at White River Fish Market. When we got home, the boys and I made a white cake with cream cheese frosting and they had quite a lot of that for dessert. I also got to ride my scooter around the neighborhood just a little, to test out the recent repairs.

The headache I've had since Thursday lifted today, which was extremely pleasant. Also pleasant was getting a little time to fix myself up tonight. I plucked my eyebrows ruthlessly, colored my hair, took a long hot shower, filed down the three nails I've managed to chip this week, re-did my nail polish and put my new incredibly soft flannel sheets on my bed. Of course the kids liked them too, so now I'm in the living room and the bed is full of children, but I'll remedy that before I'm ready to lie down.
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I rode my scooter to the fair today. It's the first time I've taken it out in regular traffic (not just around my neighborhood streets) and I was very nervous, but I got there and back. I talked to the girl at the Tulsa Scooters booth at the fair and she said to come out and ride with them in the Annual Toy Run this winter and also told me about where she and her scooter friends get together on Monday nights to hang out and talk their scooter talk or whatever. Yay!
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My grandmother's funeral was this morning. It went fine and the pastor did a good job. Jesse was bawling periodically throughout and Dingo was really restless, but we got through it. I wish it hadn't been open casket. She didn't look like herself at all after the illness of the last few weeks. The whole thing took quite a while because we went out to the cemetary and then back to the church for lunch.

After we left the funeral, R went home, Dad went home, and Mom and I took the kids out to Jenks. They left me at the DMV for a few minutes to take my written test for my motorcycle endorsement and after I passed I ran across the street to the tag agency to get a new actual license, which was especially nice since the picture on my old one was sucky and the picture on the new one is pretty good. (Note to [ profile] teevnus: they need that little OREP card too, not just the certificate. But they don't copy either one, they just look at them and give them back.)

After that we went down to the Riverwalk Crossing and distracted the kids with gelato and toy stores. I bought a cute Life is Good t-shirt with a motorcycle on it as a celebratory present for myself and bought the kids some candy and small toys. We're home now trying to decide what to do about dinner. The stress of the last couple of weeks is really starting to release now that the funeral and my class (which I was dreading) are over, and I feel weird not being so tightly wound up, like I'm not used to relaxing.

Yay me!

Sep. 17th, 2006 08:27 pm
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I passed my Motorcycle Safety Foundation tests today!!! The written test wasn't hard for me, but I even passed the riding part! I think this course was more difficult for me than anything I ever took in college, and I was probably a little hard on myself about not doing everything perfectly, but in the end I did just fine. Well enough to go down to Jenks this week and get a license to ride my scooter (or even an actual motorcycle!) I'm proud of myself, if you couldn't tell, and also very relieved to have it over with. In addition to classroom time I was probably out on the riding course for close to 10 hours this weekend and I'm just sore all over. It was so worth it though, to feel like I've learned so much.

I have to say that the rider coaches for this course were really awesome. They'd correct your mistakes and make sure you didn't get by with bad habits, but they were unfailingly encouraging, even when they were telling you what you were doing wrong and they just would not let you give up on yourself. Much love for helpful competent coaching!
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I'm a scooter girl now! Well, I've only ridden it around a nearby parking lot, but I more or less own it so I'm still a scooter girl, I guess. I think this is going to be a good little scooter. Even though it needs a few things to pretty it up, it runs pretty well. It will apparently get up to 60 mph (though I didn't ride it that fast) so once I get the hang of it I think it's going to be good cheap transportation for short trips around town. Plus I can go on the Thursday night rides over at Tulsa Scooters. And girls on scooters look cute and fun, right? That's what I'm hoping anyway!


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