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R called me today and asked if he ought to get rid of the Little Tykes playground equipment that the boys never play on anymore.  I told him sure and that I would put on my homeschool lists* that someone could have it if they'd pick it up.  He was happy with that because we don't really have a way to move it and maybe someone else could use it.   The lady in the next office overheard me and called around the corner to ask what I was getting rid of and I told her and she looked shocked and said I should SELL it because it's still in good shape.   Personally,  I'd rather give it away.  People have been really good to us over the years with nice hand-me-down clothes and toys, and I'd rather pass that kindness along than try to make a few dollars off something we don't need anymore.   We've given away carseats, toys, clothes as we've outgrown them and I gave a hardly used crib away when it became clear Dingo was not going to sleep in a crib.  It's funny though, that I, basically an atheist, feel that way but I find a lot of people who are otherwise very moralistic about religion (and I'm not referring to anyone here, please don't think I am!!!) are also very mercenary in that way.  I mean, if you really needed the money, ok, but I've heard people who are doing fine financially opine that they'd rather get SOMETHING for their old stuff than just GIVE it away.   I don't really understand that.  Why not just help someone else instead of trying to get some tiny bit more cash you don't really need?   Isn't that a big part of Christianity, the charity and the valuing doing the right thing over trying to become wealthy in this world?  Or is all that "...sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven..."** stuff just a killjoy folks don't want to think about cause it's not as fun as raking in money?

Oh, and I want to say that I have good Christian friends who I feel try to liveup to the ideals they espouse and I'm not ragging on them, just on people who seem to notice all the scriptures that govern the things they don't like other people doing and bypass the ones that inconvenience them personally.

*If anyone here needs a Little Tykes playground set (good for about 2-6 year olds) I haven't put it on my other lists yet.

**Luke 18:22, lest you think I'm making things up.

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Tonight R and the kids and I ate at Sushi Train at 51st and Harvard. It's apparently owned by a Korean couple and has a few Korean dishes, but mostly has sushi and some Japanese entrees. The food was tasty, but the real selling point is that you can order off the menu or just snag things off the Sushi Train. The sushi bar is in the middle of the restaurant in a big oval with a garden scale (I think) model train track running around it. There's a very long electric train on it with lots of flatbed cars carrying sushi dishes, seafood salads and spring rolls and you can just grab them as they come around. They count up your various colored plates at the end of the meal so they know what you got. Sort of like dim sum but with a model train! We did both, ordered off the menu and got train items and were well satisfied with our meal. Also, prices are very good. Items on the train run from 1.45 to 2.85. Miso soup is just 1.00 and a large order of tempura shrimp rolls off the menu was 5.95 which is actually cheaper than grocery store sushi. The four of us got out of there for $28 before tip, which made me very happy.

Anyone wanna go back with me? There's still things on the sushi train I didn't try yet. :-)
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I'm apparently spending every waking moment that I'm not at work at the fair. R and I took the boys again last night. He rode the skyride with them, which was nice of him, as I hate the skyride. There were a couple of skyride accidents (one at a Six Flags and one at the Texas Fair) when I was about 9 and I remember them being in the news and scaring me and I've never liked skyrides since. Fine with roller coasters. Hate skyrides. We let the boys ride rides, went to the petting zoo and birthing barn, watched a kids' music show and got Jack the shish-ka-bob he'd been craving.

After I got home from the fair I ordered new tires for my scooter (can't wait til they get here!) and looked up some other parts I'm needing in various catalogs. I need a new air filter, parts to fix my right blinker light, and a "carb insulator" to begin with. My scooter runs now, but will run better with a little work. Tomorrow night I'm going to see about riding it around a little bit, maybe to the store and back just to keep in practice. I may ride it to work on Friday, since that's jeans day anyway and I won't have to change when I get here.

The kids are apparently really coming along at math. My dad has been doing Jesse's math class and called this morning to say he'd had a big breakthrough in algebra and they were going to Borders to get another algebra book to continue with. Mom tested Dingo on addition and subtraction flashcards today and he was able to do them all, which is good for 5, I think, as the PASS standards for his grade say he should just be able to count to 20 by the end of the school year. He's coming along just like Jesse was at his age. I think he's going to be ready for his multiplication tables very soon. In addition to being good at it, he seems to like math, just like his brother. They must get that from their Dad. I probably have some raw talent for math, but I never did like it much in school.

I'm sorry to anyone I haven't commented to or responded to on lj. I've not had much computer time at all from home and I try to keep my computer browsing and writing from work g-rated, which precludes responding to a lot of your journals. I have some things that are non-g-rated that I'd like to post too, but I have to get an hour in front of the computer at the house first and I don't know when that will work out. I'm getting frustrated at not having any time to post except from work, where I can't really always say what I want to.
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Ok, the trip to Six Flags over Texas this weekend. We got there before the gates opened and when they opened the ropes we ran in to try to go on the Titan, which is a steel coaster about 255 ft. tall. It was closed however, because there was a severe weather watch from the national weather service. Same with the Texas Giant (a wooden coaster 143 ft. tall.) We let the kids ride a couple of small rides and then they closed every single freaking ride in the park! We all had to go in the theater for the Spongebob 4D ride and wait out the weather, as it had actually started storming by then. The kids were whiny about not getting to ride anything and R and I were worried that it would be like this all day, but eventually it cleared up and by noon they had most of the rides going again, aside from the big coasters. We took the kids on the Runaway Mine Train, which is a classic small coaster and Jesse (9) loved it of course. Dingo (5) thought it was scary, which is just bizarre as he's ridden Space Mountain, Expedition Everest and the Tower of Terror with no problem at all, but whatever. He rode the Mini Mine train a number of times though and loved that.

We rode several of the small rides like the swings, the train, the sombrero, the Mine Train again, and the Yosemite Sam Gold River (a boat ride) while waiting for the coasters to open. We let the kids play some ganes too and Jesse won a giant Bugs Bunny that we then had to haul around the rest of the day. We rode the Runaway Mountain ride too, which is somewhat Space Mountain-like. It's a twisty indoor coaster in total darkness and was great fun. You can't get a good impression of how high it is when you're in the pitch black, but I understand it's just about 50 feet tall. We actually rode the Spongebob 4d ride too, which was a lot more fun than just using it as a weather shelter. It was a pretty active simulator 3d kind of ride/show.

They finally opened Titan at 3:30 and we left Jesse watching Dingo on the Sidewinder (a scrambler type ride) and gave him $20 for concessions and inbstructions where to meet us while we waited through the 30 minute Titan line. Titan was just awesome. It's the tallest coaster I've been on and that first drop was just exhiliarating. (Before that my tallest coaster was the 205 foot Mamba in Kansas City, I think.) It ran you back up through more really tall drops and curves and was just well worth the wait to get on. Very scary and fun! I would have gone again immediately if not for the line. R had had a chili dog for lunch and didn't feel entirely well after we rode though, so we retrieved the kids and went off to ride more kiddie rides and shop a little. By late afternoon, the lines were starting to thin a little and R volunteered to watch the kids on their rides while I went off to ride Batman: The Ride, as he still was not feeling like riding another coaster. Batman is one of those rides where you're suspended under the track in seats with your feet hanging down and it turns you over a couple of times, plus has about three areas where you corkscrew around the track. I loved it of course and have never been on that style of coaster before. After I met back up with the boys, Jesse and I went to ride Judge Roy Scream, which is an older wooden coaster about 67 feet tall that I remember from my own childhood. It's just about Jesse's speed right now. He won't go on the biggest coasters, but he does fine on wooden coasters under 100 feet. We went back to the mine train area after that and let the boys ride their respective mine trains several more times.

We were getting pretty much ready to pack up and leave then, but it turned out R and the kids wanted to go up in the Oil Derrick observation tower and since I don't really like heights like that (funny, huh?) I ran off to see if there was a line at the Texas Giant while they went observing. There wasn't and I got to walk right up and get on the first train. I have ridden the Texas Giant before, but I guess I had forgotten just how much it rattles you around. VERY rough ride, even for a wooden coaster. I guess because it's faster than most wooden coasters I'm used to or something. It was fun and exciting, but I just felt jarred by the end of it. I was pretty much ready to go after that. R's pedometer said we had walked almost 9 miles and it was almost park closing time, so we made our way up to the exit. I'm disappointed we didn't get to go on La Vibora, which is a bobsled style coaster and Jesse said he was willing to ride with me. I've been on it before, but I wish he'd gotten to go. Still, after a very disappointing morning, we had a fabulous afternoon and evening and I feel like we got our money's worth even if we missed a few things. The kids seemed very happy with the day.

So anyway, Mr Freeze and Flashback were closed for the season, and we missed another big ride or two, but I did make it on Titan, the Texas Giant, Batman: The Ride, Judge Roy Scream, and the little classic Runaway Mine Train which is a nostalgic favorite of mine, and that seems like a pretty good coaster day, no? If you want to look up stats for any of these coasters, there's links at
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So our trip this weekend. I think I'll post it in two parts, one for the trip to FenCon and one for Six Flags, so I can crosspost the Six Flags section to a roller coaster community I'm in.

We left Friday after work (R, the kids and I) and ate at the Okmulgee DQ on the way. We also had to stop at Walmart and for gas and we had to stop at a 7-11 for Jesse cause he loves 7-11 and we don't have any in Tulsa. We found the hotel with no problem and the trip took right at 5 hours even with stops, so that was pretty good. My folks were already there and we found them right away. R and Dingo pretty much went right on to bed, but Jesse and I walked around with my Mom for a little while and got drinks and snacks at the consuite, then came back and went on to bed. I woke up about 5:45 the next morning, which is unusual for me, but it was nice as it gave me time to have a nice long bath and do my makeup and stuff before the boys started wanting the bathroom. Jesse got up about 6:45 and we went down to the hotel breakfast buffet, which we both thought was very good plus they let Jesse eat free. After we went back to the room we sent R and Dingo down to eat and then just hung around a while before heading out to Six Flags.

I'll post about Six Flags next, but I will say now that we got there before they opened and stayed til they were making people leave, so I guess we had a pretty good day out of it. R's pedometer said we walked almost 9 miles there, which is what happens when you take two hyper kids with you. On the way out of Six Flags we bought my Mom a "Pink Thing" (which is a cherry ice cream on a stick) because she used to buy them when they lived in Ft. Worth, and I had to drive like a madwoman through the Dallas area traffic to get it back to her at the hotel before it melted, which turned out to be an adventure in itself. R almost got frostbite and I should have gotten a speeding ticket, but didn't, yay! After we got back, Jesse dressed up in his tux and we all cleaned up and then limped down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. It was past 9 by then and Dingo fell asleep at the table without even getting to eat. After I tucked all the boys in, I went out to a couple of parties and had a very strong margarita at one of them and came back and fell right asleep.

Sunday morning Jesse and I woke up early again and we repeated our breakfast routine from Saturday. After everyone had eaten we went down to the dealer's room and bought a number of things. Dingo got a kitty umbrella with ears and a very nice padded foam sword. Jesse got a print of some art he wanted and a very nice padded foam mace. I got some silver rocket earrings and a silver pirate ship necklace. R got some miniatures and the business card of someone he wants to buy a $275 collector HG Wells book from, which I confiscated, lol. We chatted with people just a little and then headed out to this Korean area near the hotel to let Jesse look at Korean stores (he likes Asian things) and go to lunch. We had intended to drive straight back to Tulsa after that, but as luck would have it, we passed a ginormous outlet mall on the way out of town and killed at least an hour and a half there. The kids got clothes and R and I got closeout books and fancy candy. Then we had to stop at gas stations looking for a certain kind of scratch off lottery tickets, at a McDonalds, at a DQ again, etc. The trip back just turned into an epic journey and we didn't get back til about 8, even though we'd left the hotel by noon. I was very glad to get back and just get to sit down and relax. I was pretty sore this morning though, what with the long car trips, the 9 miles at Six Flags, and the couple of miles at the outlet mall.


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