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My mother just called me at work to tell me that Jesse is playing the piano. Reading from sheet music and everything. I told her that Jesse doesn't know how to play the piano and she said that apparently he does. I find that mildly strange.

Oh well, off to Spaghetti Warehouse and Mamma Mia tonight with R and Jesse. Hey, maybe he can fill in if the piano player falls ill.
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I got both kids haircuts today.  Jesse about went off the deep end when he asked the stylist for a shampoo and she turned to me to ask if that was ok, because it costs extra.   He announced that he would pay for the whole haircut, shampoo and all so don't ask anyone but him and anyway he DIDN'T need PARENTS INTERFERING in his LIFE!   It was kind of comical.  Dingo hates getting his hair cut, but got through it without too much fuss.  They both look good now.  Dingo's hair was completely out of control.  I also got Jesse some sheet music for his audition on Saturday.  He knows the song (Honestly Sincere from Bye Bye Birdie) but needed sheet music for the accompanist.  Saied Music rocks, btw.  They have everything and apparently they take it with good humor when a 9 year old feels he must sing them the entire song they're finding for him.  I told him to stop singing, but they told me they were loving it and he was going to do GREAT.   Very encouraging.
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Today at work was just blah and boring, so nothing about that. After work though, I hurried home and told the kids if they could get ready in under 10 minutes, I'd take them out to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area and we could hike until the sun started to set. They were all for the plan, so we rushed over and walked a way up the 5-mile path to a ridge that overlooks South Tulsa and Jenks. It's nice up there, and only about a mile along the path, though it is pretty much uphill all the way. Of course the walk back is much easier if you turn around right there.

While walking, I asked the kids what superpowers they'd have if they could have superpowers. Jesse said "flying and super martial arts skills." Pretty standard stuff. Then Dingo said "invisibility.....and driving." I guess in his world driving is a superpower. So I asked them how they would fight crime with their powers and Jesse had a plan for beating up criminals with flying kung fu, etc. Dingo, however opined that he wasn't going to FIGHT crime, but rather would use his driving powers to drive to WalMart and his invisibility to take all the Lunchables when no one could see him. I see that I still have work to do with Dingo.

After our hike we went to the Chicken Char, where Jesse ran in and ordered us all food to go, and then we came home and watched "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" together. It was a good night.
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Today my mother picked Jesse up for a shadowy errand, which turned out to be taking him down to a martial arts academy and signing him up for classes.  I thought maybe a class or two a week, but she apparently signed him up for unlimited classes.  So now he wants to go every single day.  It seems he really loved it.  He took a Tai Chi class with her and my Dad this morning and then this evening begged for me to take him back for Kung Fu.  Which I did.  We took Dingo and they let him try the class too, even though it was an adult level class.  It was two hours long and Jesse stayed, enraptured, through the whole thing.  Dingo stayed an hour and liked it enough that I'm going to take him back for the 4-8 year old classes next week.   The teacher said that he felt like Jesse could do well in the adult classes and to bring him back to anything he wanted to try.  Most of their classes are for all skill levels and he just works with each student where they are.  So anyway, it looks like driving them to lessons is going to take  all my free time for the immediate future, though I'm hoping R or my folks will take them to some of these classes so I'm not down there every night.    But for Jesse it's probably worth it.  The teacher was already on him about tying his shoes and clipping his nails, which Jesse seemed to take seriously coming from him, though he completely tunes me out when I gripe about those things.  It's probably worth the tuition just to have someone he'll actually listen to about his slovenly personal habits, even if he never learns any actual fighting skills.
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Today I sent a letter by email to the little boy that I sponsor at Save the Children.  It's the first letter I've sent and I wasn't sure what to say.  We're still going to send a regular letter with some pictures and little things (they said you could send stickers or small gifts if you wanted to) but he has already sent us something (a tracing of his hand, very cute!) and I wanted to at least let him know we had gotten it.  Apparently either way, email or snail mail, the field staff in that office (Mali, in this case) will translate your letter and send it along to the child, but it will get there a lot faster by email.   I think I'm going to have Jesse write the snail mail letters.  I feel sort of odd corresponding with a 7 year old and I think this kid would probably rather hear from the boys than some middle aged woman, don't you?

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Jesse has been assigned to watch American Idol by his theatre teacher. I guess they're doing auditions at the classes and he wanted the kids to see some auditions.   I've never watched any American Idol (or Survivor, or any of those things where people get locked in a house together for months) but I'm kind of enjoying it.  I'd feel bad for the people that they reject and are rude to, but seriously, if you know what the show is like and you choose to compete anyway, you've pretty much asked for it.    Ok, well, I feel a little bad anyway.   But anyhow, the point of this story is that watching the show, Jesse said that he'd audition for American Idol even if they were mean to him.   I expressed surprise,  and he said that he knows he can't trust his family and friends to tell him honestly how he performs, that we'll always tell him he's good, but he can tell those people would be honest to him even if they were mean, and he needs to know how he's really doing.   I thought that was kind of mature of him, to have thought that out.  He's really such a rational little person.  


Jan. 5th, 2007 08:42 pm
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I now have a high speed connection at home, thanks to [ profile] oldmanpops. At least I have a connection when it's connecting, which is fortunately most of the time. It's pretty cool. On my email and lj I don't really notice a huge difference from dial-up, but on Neopets and when I was surfing travel sites for our spring vacation earlier it was very noticable.

This evening we've done essentially nothing. I ran a couple of loads of dishes and a couple of loads of laundry and other than that the kids have been showing me selected Avatar episodes and explaining the plot while I look up hotels in San Antonio, which is where I think we've decided to go. It has a SeaWorld and a Six Flags and plane flights aren't overly expensive. I offered the kids Mazzio's for dinner, but they wanted me to make them spaghetti instead, which is cool, as Mazzio's would run me $20 and spaghetti costs about $2.

Ok, off to the bath and some cinnamon scented bubbles. The kids are watching one of the same Avatar episodes again and really, the first time was enough for me. After I get out of the bath, I'm sending them to bed so I can watch an episode of Foyle's War.
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So I'm beginning to think that news cameras are following my children around for some sort of reality show or something. Today my Mom and kids are in the Metro diner eating breakfast when Channel 6 comes in to interview the staff and patrons about the diner closing this month for TU to expand. They end up talking to my kids for a long time and of course Jesse has plenty of opinions on the Metro closing and the reporter told Mom my kids did just great on camera so we can apparently expect to see them on the evening news on 6 tonight. I missed the news on 2 this weekend so I don't know if Dingo was on being Mr. Centennial, but I think it's funny they've been interviewed twice this week. I was thinking of taking them up the hill to Channel 8 just to see if they also needed to talk to them this week. ;-)
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So today at the Centennial celebration, which the boys went to with R and my folks, apparently Dingo was crowned "Mr. Centennial." I'm not at all clear on how this happened, but his father and brother assure me that it's true, he got a ceremony, a crown and a lot of stuff, and he'll be on the Channel 2 news tomorrow. My mother informs me that he had chocolate on his face at the time of the crowning, which is pretty usual for Dingo, but at least I had dressed him in a brand new shirt and clean jeans this morning.

Yay Jesse!

Nov. 17th, 2006 09:25 pm
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So Jesse got back from the practice Geography Bee tonight in a very good mood. There were 20 kids in the Bee, from 4th grade to 8th grade and he came in third. He was only behind a brother and sister in the 8th and 7th grades whose mom organizes the Bees so they've been in it every year and have all the study guides and everything. Jesse, who is just in 4th grade, only found out he was going to it yesterday afternoon so has had no time to study and still came in third. I am very very proud of him, and of my Mom who is obviously an excellent homeschool teacher. :-)

The actual Geography Bee is on December 8th and he's really looking forward to that. We have some practice questions now to work on, and I'm going to start going over some world geography in the evenings with him until then. Plus I downloaded Google Maps for Palm OS to my Treo today so he can use it in the car to look things up.
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It seems like there was a lot going on this week that I never put in here, but I can't remember half of it now. On Tuesday though, R and Jesse and I went to see I Can't Stop Loving You: The Music of Ray Charles at the PAC and it was very good. Great dancing and catchy music, what more could you want? Last night the kids went with my folks to see the Centennial fireworks in Jenks. Today Jesse's gone to Edmond for a geography bee practice and to eat at Fazoli's, which is this Italian fast food he really loves. Wow, that doesn't seem like much, does it? But I swear we've been really busy.
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Jesse has eaten four bowls of salad today. He got one at Fuji for lunch along with his steak shioyaki, then asked the waiter if he could buy some of their faboo salad dressing to go, so they sold us a 16 oz. cup of it to take home. We went to see Flushed Away (which was partly kind of stupid and partly really funny) and then on the way home, he asked if he could have salad for dinner too so he could eat some of that dressing. I bought a bag of salad and a box of grape tomatoes and he's made his way through three more bowls of salad tonight. Dingo had steamed rice for lunch at the restaurant and then asked for steamed rice for dinner also. So apparently my children are now eating only one kind of food per day. That's probably going to make meal planning simpler.
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For anyone who just can't get enough of my kids (this pretty much just means you, [ profile] mamaduck), here's a picture of them sitting on my scooter dressed up for BooHaHa last weekend.

awwww...cute scooter! I mean, cute kids! )
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Tonight R and the kids and I ate at Sushi Train at 51st and Harvard. It's apparently owned by a Korean couple and has a few Korean dishes, but mostly has sushi and some Japanese entrees. The food was tasty, but the real selling point is that you can order off the menu or just snag things off the Sushi Train. The sushi bar is in the middle of the restaurant in a big oval with a garden scale (I think) model train track running around it. There's a very long electric train on it with lots of flatbed cars carrying sushi dishes, seafood salads and spring rolls and you can just grab them as they come around. They count up your various colored plates at the end of the meal so they know what you got. Sort of like dim sum but with a model train! We did both, ordered off the menu and got train items and were well satisfied with our meal. Also, prices are very good. Items on the train run from 1.45 to 2.85. Miso soup is just 1.00 and a large order of tempura shrimp rolls off the menu was 5.95 which is actually cheaper than grocery store sushi. The four of us got out of there for $28 before tip, which made me very happy.

Anyone wanna go back with me? There's still things on the sushi train I didn't try yet. :-)
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Today Jesse got to go up in a small plane out in Owasso. There's some kind of program where local pilots volunteer to take kids 8-17 up in private planes and then answer their questions about aviation. R volunteered to take Jesse to that and since Dingo is too young to go, Mom and I took him to Chuck E Cheese so that he wouldn't feel like Jesse got to do something cool and he didn't. At 9:30 am on Saturday, Chuck E Cheese is really dead, so that was nice. It was unusually quiet. There were about 8 other people in the whole place. Jesse reported back that he loved his plane ride and by coincidence had gotten to go up in the same plane with two other boys who belong to one of his homeschooling groups.

The afternoon was busy but less exciting. We went to a "fall festival" in Sperry to watch my Mom's clogging group, went to Walmart and on the way back ate at White River Fish Market. When we got home, the boys and I made a white cake with cream cheese frosting and they had quite a lot of that for dessert. I also got to ride my scooter around the neighborhood just a little, to test out the recent repairs.

The headache I've had since Thursday lifted today, which was extremely pleasant. Also pleasant was getting a little time to fix myself up tonight. I plucked my eyebrows ruthlessly, colored my hair, took a long hot shower, filed down the three nails I've managed to chip this week, re-did my nail polish and put my new incredibly soft flannel sheets on my bed. Of course the kids liked them too, so now I'm in the living room and the bed is full of children, but I'll remedy that before I'm ready to lie down.
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Well, Jesse and Dingo went to the dentist today and need a hillion jillion dollars worth of dental work. Ok, not that much, but still quite a bit. Eeek!

Jesse has a genetic condition in his teeth that make the enamel look rough and etched and they need to be sealed for now because food sticks in them worse than in regular teeth. He'll need veneers or some such after he's 12, which I had always figured. You can see the rough enamel if you look closely. When he was 4, a different dentist capped four of his baby molars for the same condition because the enamel on them was so poorly formed. Poor kiddo. Both dentists told me that there was nothing we could do about it and it doesn't have to do with brushing or anything, just the genetic luck of the draw. He also said that Jesse's baby teeth are coming out in in an atypical pattern and it's causing the spacing to be weird when the permanent teeth come in. They might straighten up though before it's time to talk about braces. Or not. Sigh. He said we'd also worry about that after he's 12. Personally, this is only confirming my theory that Jesse was sent to us by aliens.

Dingo's teeth are apparently genetically hunky dory, but he's the world's worst tooth brusher, so he has cavities and one root canal coming up. The dentist said that of course the root canal is in a baby tooth, but it's still important to preserve it rather than pull it so he doesn't end up with the same tooth spacing issues Jesse has. I hope this dentist has taken Dingo's sunny, cooperative temperament into account on this root canal plan. I'd recommend a *lot* of nitrous. Oh, and some nitrous for Dingo too.

Mom was the one that took them in today and she said she was really impressed with this dentist's office and they were excellent with the boys, so I'm glad about that. I knew they both needed dental work so that's not a surprise or anything, I'm just glad it wasn't worse. (And this sounds bad, but that no one is blaming me for Jesse's weird enamel thing. It wasn't even something I did wrong while I was pregnant with him, just the combo of R's and my genetics.) The dentist did say he would never have guessed the boys are brothers. They have totally different bone structures, he said and their teeth are just completely different. They're already opposite in every other way though, so why not teeth?
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I'm apparently spending every waking moment that I'm not at work at the fair. R and I took the boys again last night. He rode the skyride with them, which was nice of him, as I hate the skyride. There were a couple of skyride accidents (one at a Six Flags and one at the Texas Fair) when I was about 9 and I remember them being in the news and scaring me and I've never liked skyrides since. Fine with roller coasters. Hate skyrides. We let the boys ride rides, went to the petting zoo and birthing barn, watched a kids' music show and got Jack the shish-ka-bob he'd been craving.

After I got home from the fair I ordered new tires for my scooter (can't wait til they get here!) and looked up some other parts I'm needing in various catalogs. I need a new air filter, parts to fix my right blinker light, and a "carb insulator" to begin with. My scooter runs now, but will run better with a little work. Tomorrow night I'm going to see about riding it around a little bit, maybe to the store and back just to keep in practice. I may ride it to work on Friday, since that's jeans day anyway and I won't have to change when I get here.

The kids are apparently really coming along at math. My dad has been doing Jesse's math class and called this morning to say he'd had a big breakthrough in algebra and they were going to Borders to get another algebra book to continue with. Mom tested Dingo on addition and subtraction flashcards today and he was able to do them all, which is good for 5, I think, as the PASS standards for his grade say he should just be able to count to 20 by the end of the school year. He's coming along just like Jesse was at his age. I think he's going to be ready for his multiplication tables very soon. In addition to being good at it, he seems to like math, just like his brother. They must get that from their Dad. I probably have some raw talent for math, but I never did like it much in school.

I'm sorry to anyone I haven't commented to or responded to on lj. I've not had much computer time at all from home and I try to keep my computer browsing and writing from work g-rated, which precludes responding to a lot of your journals. I have some things that are non-g-rated that I'd like to post too, but I have to get an hour in front of the computer at the house first and I don't know when that will work out. I'm getting frustrated at not having any time to post except from work, where I can't really always say what I want to.
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Tonight I'm moving furniture for my folks. Tomorrow night I'm taking the kids to the fair. (Let me know if you want to come along, anyone.) Friday night I'm probably staying in and catching up some DVDs, Saturday morning I'm taking the kids to OKC with R, Saturday night I'm invited to a dinner and party (if I can get a sitter for the party.) Sunday I'm going to the fair without the kids, Monday night I don't have plans, but do have kids, Tuesday night I'm having dinner with some other friends. I haven't planned beyond that, but I seem to be keeping busy til then. One night next week I'll probably be taking the kids back to the fair as we did get those mega ride wristbands and might as well get our money's worth, so if you can't go tomorrow but want in on that, we're flexible on times.
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So last night, the kids and I are headed to the car to go to dinner, cause I'm too lazy to cook and I realize Dingo still has his lunch on his shirt. I run back into the house to get a clean shirt for him and when I come out, he's in the driveway wailing "MAMA, there's a GINORMOUS spider behind the van!!!" I walk over thinking, yeah, ginormous I bet, and then I see a big ol' tarantula in my driveway. A big hairy freaking tarantula. The boys are fascinated and run to get their Pops to come see it, and while they're all looking at it, I'm thinking I can't leave this freaking hairy spider out in my yard. I hate spiders and the bigger they are the more I hate them. So of course I called [ profile] jorjedatoy and asked her if she wanted a big spider, cause she's weird that way. She said sure, bring it over, and I made Jesse catch it in a tupperware pitcher with a lid, cause he's fine with big spiders, and I very bravely drove it across town and dropped it off with her. I guess if she doesn't want to keep it she can put it in her yard, as long as it doesn't remain in my yard.

I think this brings the total of interesting animals in our yard over the last couple of years up to: possums, raccoons, turtles, lizards, various snakes, a black widow (dead, though) and a big hairy tarantula. This is in addition to the regular cats, squirrels, mice, doves, various other birds, and frogs. I've seen rabbits and foxes not far away but so far not in our specific yard. The tarantula we found, I'm thinking it's a native Oklahoma Brown, but jorje would probably know for sure. Maybe she'll put up a picture of it if she keeps it.
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Well, the week so far has been uneventful. R and I got the kids Mega Ride Passes for the fair and they have to leave these plastic wristbands on for the next two weeks. It'll get them in free though and let them ride unlimited rides so Mom can take them, I can take them, R can take them and we only have to worry about paying for ourselves. I love the fair and will probably go without kids on Sunday and also take them a couple of times over the next two weeks. Anyone who wants to go with us should let me know, we're flexible on times.

I'm mildly worried about something an lj friend posted yesterday. Don't go looking for it, you probably wouldn't know what it was if you saw it, it was just a little shock for me. Probably nothing to worry about anyway, but you know me, if I can worry, I will.

Work is fine. Nothing much to say about that. Getting new clients one at a time. Clinic staff here is nice. Need to be busier, but I'm trying to increase my caseload as fast as I can. Just glad to have this job. It doesn't make me crazy and I actually get to help people.

I've been so busy with classes and family obligations that I've been out of touch with friends for a few weeks, but yesterday I managed to make a dinner date for next week with [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83 and I might get to have lunch friday with [ profile] subtle_nuance. I've got other friends I'm missing too, but hopefully things will work out soon to do some other friend stuff.


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