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Mar. 8th, 2007 09:04 am
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Last night my plan to go straight home and rest up was derailed slightly by an invitation to go to Happy Hour at the Brookside Bar with Jill and a bunch of people from my old job.    It did though, as advertised, make me happy.   I went home about 7:00 and spent the rest of the evening having a nice dinner and watching TV and then taking a long bubble bath.  I was so tired yesterday, but I feel much refreshed today.   Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with Jill.  It was too loud at the bar to really talk much, so we were mostly shouting stupid stuff back and forth.  Fun, but hard to really catch up that way.

Oh, and this is odd. Last night I went up to the bar to get a drink and the old dude behind the bar says he needs my ID.  I'm laughing, like it's a joke, but he's serious.  I had left my bag in the car so I tell him I'll run out to the car and get it and be right back and he says, "yeah, right"  like he doesn't believe I have an ID.  WTF?  I'll be 38 in three weeks.  It was totally weird.  So anyway I go get it, show it and an ADDITIONAL ID because he's looking suspiciously at the one I give him, get my drink, come back to the table, and ask if he asked for anyone else's ID and apparently he only asked one other girl and she was in her early 20s.  When I get all prettied up, I could MAYBE pass for 30, but definitely not 20, so I have no idea what he was thinking.   You'd think I'd be flattered, but I'm mostly annoyed that I had to walk all the way back to my car.
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Today Jesse got to go up in a small plane out in Owasso. There's some kind of program where local pilots volunteer to take kids 8-17 up in private planes and then answer their questions about aviation. R volunteered to take Jesse to that and since Dingo is too young to go, Mom and I took him to Chuck E Cheese so that he wouldn't feel like Jesse got to do something cool and he didn't. At 9:30 am on Saturday, Chuck E Cheese is really dead, so that was nice. It was unusually quiet. There were about 8 other people in the whole place. Jesse reported back that he loved his plane ride and by coincidence had gotten to go up in the same plane with two other boys who belong to one of his homeschooling groups.

The afternoon was busy but less exciting. We went to a "fall festival" in Sperry to watch my Mom's clogging group, went to Walmart and on the way back ate at White River Fish Market. When we got home, the boys and I made a white cake with cream cheese frosting and they had quite a lot of that for dessert. I also got to ride my scooter around the neighborhood just a little, to test out the recent repairs.

The headache I've had since Thursday lifted today, which was extremely pleasant. Also pleasant was getting a little time to fix myself up tonight. I plucked my eyebrows ruthlessly, colored my hair, took a long hot shower, filed down the three nails I've managed to chip this week, re-did my nail polish and put my new incredibly soft flannel sheets on my bed. Of course the kids liked them too, so now I'm in the living room and the bed is full of children, but I'll remedy that before I'm ready to lie down.
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Wow, I had a great time out tonight with my friend from way back. We found plenty to talk about and I managed to snag his email address so that I might continue to harass him. I want him to come go to the fair with me this year. We like to look at people at the fair.
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Today the kids and I went to a birthday party for one of their friends and then to a wedding at a restaurant. Can I just say I LOVE these kids. Despite any little struggles at home, they both know how to act in public. They generally do what I say without much fussing, they don't throw fits, if they don't like the food they're polite about it and don't make a big deal, they shake hands and introduce themselves (well, Dingo only about half the time on this one, but he's just 5), they don't whine for things, and they just know not to create a commotion in public places. I know people think I spoil them too much, but it seems to me like I'm getting results I'm happy with, so whatever.

We saw lots of other kids today too and they were all pretty good. The bride's son at the wedding was just being great. He showed Dingo how to play his Game Boy and he gave his boutonniere to Jesse and came over and talked to my folks very nicely. I was very impressed with him.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm proud of those kids and pretty happy they've gotten to an age where I can take them out and know we're going to get through events, even grownup events, without a big scene. :-)
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This morning the kids and R took my Mom and I to El Chico for fajitas and strawberry nachos. Jesse had gotten me a Border's gift card with his own money, sweet boy. Dingo and R got me the original American cast recording of Evita on CD, which makes me very happy indeed. I've been relaxing and listening to it all afternoon. I like the movie version as well, but the play is slightly different, and I think I like Patti Lupone's voice better than Madonna's. I feel minorly guilty (as I do nearly every Mother's Day) that what I really like on Mother's Day is for R to watch the kids so I can have some time to myself, but it's a holiday so I don't feel like I have to get a lot accomplished like I would on a normal day away.
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I am feeling particularly lucky today, for family and good friends and great kids. Even though I have no money to speak of, I feel downright rich. :-)


So Saturday I took the kids to see RV, at their repeated requests. I told them it was probably going to suck and guess what? It did. Not that anyone on my friends list was likely to run right out and see it, but even if your kids beg, don't go just to be nice. There were a few funny moments but I don't think they were the things that were supposed to be funny. Jesse slept through half of it and Dingo was just interested in the popcorn. Fortunately I took drinks in with us and we went to the Sand Springs Cinema which was just $2 a person so it wasn't expensive, but it's still 100 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

At the movie, there was a lady behind us who laughed all through the wretched trailer for Garfield 2 and I knew that was a bad sign. Apparently, she's the target audience for RV, cause she laughed and commented on the movie all the way through too. I thought maybe she was developmentally delayed and was out with a staff member, but when I looked around, she appeared to be there with her husband and an embarrassed looking 12 year-old boy, both of whom were not laughing. I bet that kid moves out when he's old enough and never looks back.
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Yay and yay. I had a scheduling conflict this weekend that resolved itself today. One person moved her thing to Friday night and now I can do both parties.

Also, I found low carb pasta for 25 cents a box and smokehouse almonds for 25 cents a bag at Big Lots.

AND Jesse made my bed, opened my car doors for me and carried all my groceries today.

It seems like, in spite of my ongoing tiredness, this is my lucky day. :-)
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Hahahaha! I have completely taken over this cheese tasting at MacNellies tonight, mostly by accident. I thought I would have a few friends there, but I keep getting calls today adding people and I think I'm up to 11, not counting anyone who might have made their own arrangements. I bet the lady running this is hating me for calling her every day to add more people.

Today has been a good day. I got my hair cut and then R bought the family lunch at Jim's Never on Sunday because Jesse informed us it was National Eating Stuff on a Stick Day, so we had the souvlaki. The boys made me a chocolate cake decorated like a castle with ice cream cone turrets and 19 beautiful silver candles on top. (Never mind that it's the 18th anniversary of my 19th birthday, lol.) The evening is looking good too. Only a nap would make the day better. :-)
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Last night we went to Wild Oats and filled a picnic basket with fancy deli stuff and salads and desserts, then went to Philbrook to watch a movie on the lawn there. The weather was nice and it was cool enough and there were lots and lots of fireflies out over the gardens and that was very pretty. The movie was The Philadelphia Story, which is a 1940 movie with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. It was good but it moved along so fast I kept feeling like I had missed something. I'd like to see it again sometime when I wasn't distracted by fireflies and other people around.

Today we went to the Maccu Picchu exhibit at Gilcrease while my parents took the kids to the library for a little afternoon RenFaire. I had been before with the kids but this time I got to slow down and look at everything. We were really lucky because we walked right in and though it was a little crowded, we didn't have to wait too much to see things. By the time we left, there was a line just to get in that went clear down the hall out into the main museum. Wow!

This afternoon the kids and I have been reading more in their books. They're into the third book in Judy Blume's Peter and Fudge series and enjoying them a lot. Pretty soon we're going to pack up and head over to [livejournal.com profile] mstami's for the kids to swim under the watchful eye of her daughter for a while. We're having a lot of fun this weekend. :-)


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