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I did this about a year ago, but it's changed a little. I know who the majority of these people are from seeing them commenting on my friends journals. A few of them are ones I've unfriended at some point, and a few are ones who've unfriended me.

I tried out TrustFlow II for LiveJournal. The following people not on the friends list for [ profile] lisamoeare close by:

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I had a great lunch at Te Kei's today with [ profile] subtle_nuance. She made me laugh pretty hard. I didn't quite snort cashew chicken out my nose, but almost. She says wicked funny things. :-)
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Tonight I'm moving furniture for my folks. Tomorrow night I'm taking the kids to the fair. (Let me know if you want to come along, anyone.) Friday night I'm probably staying in and catching up some DVDs, Saturday morning I'm taking the kids to OKC with R, Saturday night I'm invited to a dinner and party (if I can get a sitter for the party.) Sunday I'm going to the fair without the kids, Monday night I don't have plans, but do have kids, Tuesday night I'm having dinner with some other friends. I haven't planned beyond that, but I seem to be keeping busy til then. One night next week I'll probably be taking the kids back to the fair as we did get those mega ride wristbands and might as well get our money's worth, so if you can't go tomorrow but want in on that, we're flexible on times.
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Well, the week so far has been uneventful. R and I got the kids Mega Ride Passes for the fair and they have to leave these plastic wristbands on for the next two weeks. It'll get them in free though and let them ride unlimited rides so Mom can take them, I can take them, R can take them and we only have to worry about paying for ourselves. I love the fair and will probably go without kids on Sunday and also take them a couple of times over the next two weeks. Anyone who wants to go with us should let me know, we're flexible on times.

I'm mildly worried about something an lj friend posted yesterday. Don't go looking for it, you probably wouldn't know what it was if you saw it, it was just a little shock for me. Probably nothing to worry about anyway, but you know me, if I can worry, I will.

Work is fine. Nothing much to say about that. Getting new clients one at a time. Clinic staff here is nice. Need to be busier, but I'm trying to increase my caseload as fast as I can. Just glad to have this job. It doesn't make me crazy and I actually get to help people.

I've been so busy with classes and family obligations that I've been out of touch with friends for a few weeks, but yesterday I managed to make a dinner date for next week with [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83 and I might get to have lunch friday with [ profile] subtle_nuance. I've got other friends I'm missing too, but hopefully things will work out soon to do some other friend stuff.
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Well, I was nervous about seeing my high school friend today, but it went really well. We had a great time at lunch and then shopping and then the reunion committee meeting. Lots of laughing and still a lot of things in common to talk about. I hope I get to see her more often now. She has a kid taking classes in Tulsa, so might be here now and again, and we signed up for some of the same subcommittees for the reunion. It sounds like our kids might get along too, or at least Jesse and her kids. Dingo is a little young to hang out with them.

It's funny, but the more people I connect with out of my past, the more complete I feel. I really don't like losing track of people that meant something to me. I feel really lucky to have reconnected with her and with my other friend Chuck from a couple of weeks ago.
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Wow, I had a great time out tonight with my friend from way back. We found plenty to talk about and I managed to snag his email address so that I might continue to harass him. I want him to come go to the fair with me this year. We like to look at people at the fair.
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So more yay! I had written to another high school friend of mine about the reunion and she wrote back this week with an update on her life and now we're exchanging emails. She and I were close in high school and she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married the first time. I saw her at her own wedding and one time after I think, but not since then, even though she just lives near Joplin which is less than 2 hours away. She has two little boys too, one just Jesse's age. Anyway, it's good to be back in touch with her. That's three old friends that have stumbled back into my life within the last two weeks. I guess it was just the right time.

Today I started a new thing with the kids. I've been a little overwhelmed with going back to work and still trying to keep the house up, so I'm leaving the kids a short list of chores that will help me out on any day that they aren't already busy with field trips or something. I know it's going to be my Mom that has to prod them into doing it, but hopefully they'll get more used to it soon and will do it on their own. Today they're to take the trash out, move the clean clothes out of the dryer and put the washed ones in it, put the potatoes and carrots into the roast I left slowcooking, and wash their hair. That seems like a very small amount of stuff, but even that much that I don't have to do or supervise will help me out. And time they're doing that is time they're not messing something else up, lol.

After we went to The Barnyard last night, I went and bought a new slow cooker. I got a big 6 quart one with a locking lid and big handles that don't get hot so you can take it to potlucks. I'm hoping to cook a slow cooker meal a couple of times a week because it's great to come home to dinner already done and I can also cook a lot healthier that way than I do when I fry stuff to get it done quick. I'm going to use those crockpot liners too and see how I like them. They seem like a good idea. Oh, and The Barnyard was a real stinker. My kids said they liked it "ok," but they didn't ask me if we could get it on DVD or ask to go back, so I know they weren't crazy about it. It's probably an adequate kids movie, but *all* the funny stuff was already in the commercials, the music was overall mildly irritating, the fact that all the "boy cows" had huge pink udders was distracting throughout, and though the farm animals were animated well, they were so poorly concieved that you sometimes couldn't even tell what kind of animal they were supposed to be. I'm glad we only paid $2 apiece.

Ok, guess I'd best find some work to do.
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I have been really happy recently with the amount of time I'm getting to spend with friends, either IMing, calling or in person. I've been trying to be proactive about inviting people to do things, even taking chances with people I don't know that well, which is not easy for me. And also I've been trying hard to carve out time for people if they invite me to do things. It's been fruitful. I bought a new dayplanner today and I realized that I had a lot of things to put in it besides work and it's making me smile.

One of the things in my planner that's making me smile is that today on my way out of a meeting with my boss downtown, I ran into an old friend of mine and made a date for drinks next Tuesday. He and I used to work together back in 92-93 and were were part of a group of friends that got pretty solid at the time, but in the intervening dozen years we all drifted apart. He's in touch with one of those friends who was my roommate for a year back then, so he's going to pass my number on to her also. He lives in OKC now and it was just sheer chance that he had a meeting the same place I did today. I ran into him a couple of years ago and we had lunch once, but I was in a lot of turmoil at the time and wasn't in a place where I could really keep up my end of a friendship. I'm glad I am now. Talking to him again just lifted my spirits and I'm going to try hard to do my share of keeping in touch.

Ok, almost off work and it's my first full payday from this job, so I'm going out to stock up on groceries and little items I've been putting off buying. I put a full tank of gas in my car today for the first time in weeks and it's just a relief to have the cash to buy what I need to buy without worrying about it. Tomorrow night I think I'm going to take the kids out and spend a little on them at the bookstore or something fun. I've been the penny-pinching mom for so long now that they probably won't know who I am. :-)
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I got a link to my 20 year class reunion (which will be next year) website from someone on myspace yesterday. Honestly, I don't remember this person at all, but I'm glad he found me. I missed my 10 year reunion because I had a brand new baby and was just a mess, and was so poor I couldn't afford the fees to go to any of the events anyway. I would probably go this time if I thought any of my friends from hs would be there. I just passed along the website for the reunion to two guys I was close to back then and I still know where they are. I've lost track of most everybody though. I was kind of hoping those two would pass it along to mutual friends so I could reconnect with them too.

I had a nice lunch today with [ profile] a_spirited_soul. It was very good to see her. We haven't had much time to just talk without the kids around for quite a while. I'm still enjoying my week of "me time." :-)
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I just had a very pleasant dinner with [ profile] marykaykare at Fuji. We talked about family and travel and psychiatric disorders, lol. It was really nice to see her. I'm home now enjoying my second consecutive night of kid-free quietness. (I'm starting to miss them though.)
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Well, the funeral was very long. And sad. There were a lot of people there, lots of flowers. There was one weird thing, when the pastor was preaching on heaven and said "Heaven is a real place. Just like Sand Springs." and I thought, "Heaven is like Sand Springs? ! Um, don't sign me up, 'k?" I think he was just trying to say that it's a physical location rather than an abstract concept, but still the thought of spending all eternity in Sand Springs sent a chill up my spine.

The youngest girl was home from the hospital last night and attended the funeral, but you could see how tired she was and how difficult walking was for her. I'm glad she was well enough to be home with her family though. The family is pretty religious and that seems to be getting them by. I'm sure they could still use any good wishes anyone would care to send their way.

My other friend in the hospital got to go home last night. I talked to her daughter this afternoon and she says her mom is doing well and has been up and around a little. I hope they'll call R or I if they need anything while she's recovering. My Mom took food last night but I think I'm going to offer to bring a crockpot of something on Saturday if they'd like.

Tonight is Jesse's last musical production of the summer season, so if you've missed out, be at the BA community playhouse tonight at 6 pm. The show is only about half an hour and I can't say enough for the amusment value of watching small children perform an underrehearsed dance routine while they try to sing as well.
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Well, today my cousin Karen called and is in town. She lives in NC, but visits periodically and I'm always excited to see her. She wants to go see Pirates of the Caribbean after her parents' anniversary dinner tomorrow night if we get out in time. It would be another late night for me, but I'd like to go anyway. Karen and I have a mutual friend whose husband walked out on her a month or so ago and we want to take her out to do something. Truthfully, I've never liked the husband and I think she's better off in the long run, but it's still an adjustment, I'm sure. I also talked to [ profile] marykaykare on the phone today and am hoping she'll have time to go to dinner on Monday while she's in Tulsa.

I'm an unusually busy girl this week, what with those items and the stuff from my schedule that I already posted. Next week, if anyone wants to do anything, let me know. I am without kids from Sunday morning through the whole next weekend and I know I'm going to be missing them and needing distraction. I'm going to spend some time at home trying to take care of home repairs and deep cleaning I've been putting off, but I'll have a few nights to go out and do something too.
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I visited my friend who's in the hospital today at lunch. She looks like she's doing well and was in a good mood, but it may be the morphine, lol. I'm going to try to take the boys by very briefly to say hi to her in the next day or so. R and I are going to to try to find some food that will keep well and take quantities of it to her house so she doesn't try to get up and cook right after she gets home. She has three kids at home and other family lives there too and I know it would be good to not have to cook for that many people while recuperating.

Scott's friend's teenage daughter who was killed this weekend, her sister is still in ICU at the same hospital that my friend is in. I really didn't know if I should stop by and say anything to that family or not. I've only met his friend once, but I felt bad not going by today. Do you think I should stop and express my condolences when I'm back over there or would it be more intrusive than thoughtful? If I knew anything I could do to help them I would, but what can you do for someone in that situation?
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Well, I went over to a sci-fi convention in town this weekend. There were a few people there I could have lived without seeing, chief among them some fruitcake ex-friends who tried to fuck with me a couple of years ago just to stir up some excitement for themselves, I guess, but we ignored each other, so that was fine. I *thought* about jumping out at them and hissing "I'm the DEVIL!" at them in the hallway as they looked a little nervous about me already, me being so unpredictable and eeeeeevil, but decided just ignoring them was the better part of valor. I saw LOTS of people I was happy to see, including but not limited to [ profile] jimmyhollaman, [ profile] esme7777, [ profile] tapestry01, [ profile] theblkrose, [ profile] chibi_jeni, [ profile] revlayle, [ profile] rohanna and [ profile] ozarque (who I got to actually stop and talk to for a bit!) and LOTS more people, some of whom don't even have an lj or I don't know their lj name, lol. I made some new friends too, which was also great.

Jesse was in the Saturday evening play at the con as the special effects guy and as a very cute robot. He was kind of a shoo-in for the part as his Dad writes and directs the play every year. It was pretty good. They did a parody of Forbidden Planet and I haven't seen that in 25 years, but it was still funny and had lots of other random sci-fi references. There's a webpage about previous performances at I was in some of the plays til I realized I don't like to be on stage. Up til a couple of years ago I worked on props and stage management (such as it was) but all I do is go watch Jesse in the plays now, which is, I must say, less stressful.

Other notable cool stuff at the con was the guys walking around with various raptors from The Royal Gauntlet, some nice parties, and I got to play Great Dalmuti for an hour or two today. One guy at my Dalmuti table was kind of being a jerk to me and when I called him on it he got all pouty, but whatever. I think if you're being a jerk to me I have the right to say so. The raptors were very nice to see up close and Dingo got to pet a big hawk, and I'm glad the raptor rescue place was the con charity this year. The suckiest part of the con was that they have cancelled having a real dance now and have replaced it with someone trying to teach Regency Dancing, which is about as popular as you might imagine. The same five people were in a huge ballroom all evening trying to learn. I'm not against learning archaic ballroom dance, but they could have done that in the afternoon sometime and had a fun dance everyone could enjoy in the evening.

Overall, even though it's not really a party con, I had a pretty good time, owing largely to Jesse's excitement at being there and to getting to see so many old friends. Maybe next year Dingo will be old enough to enjoy it more.
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Today I had lunch with Jill, Carrie and Jason. I swear, Jill is just a tonic for my soul. No matter what weird thing I tell to her, she just laughs. No lectures or “be careful”s or having to explain myself, she just shares my amusement at life. And even though we don’t see each other all the time, we pick right back up where we left off. I feel really happy on days I get to talk to her. For lunch we went to MacNellies and the food was great, but they’re pretty expensive for lunch. I think I’m going to try to get over and go to lunch with Jill or the whole crowd every week if I can manage it.

Tonight I’m going to go out to Caz’s with some other friends and that sounds good too. Tomorrow *might* be bowling for the boys with one of their friends but I don’t know for sure yet. I don’t have plans Thursday, but the convention starts Friday and I’ll probably have stuff to do regarding that. With R doing the play I’ll probably end up on his schedule as far as my time with the boys. I may or may not spend much time at the convention myself. Depends on how many people I run into that I want to hang out with probably.

And to the friend who messaged me and sent me his number for a shoulder to cry on tonight, thank you SO much. You've already helped and I appreciate it more than you know.
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Thank you [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83 for meeting me and the kids for bowling the other night. Want to start a team? No? Maybe that's for the best. ;-)
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Today the kids and I went to a birthday party for one of their friends and then to a wedding at a restaurant. Can I just say I LOVE these kids. Despite any little struggles at home, they both know how to act in public. They generally do what I say without much fussing, they don't throw fits, if they don't like the food they're polite about it and don't make a big deal, they shake hands and introduce themselves (well, Dingo only about half the time on this one, but he's just 5), they don't whine for things, and they just know not to create a commotion in public places. I know people think I spoil them too much, but it seems to me like I'm getting results I'm happy with, so whatever.

We saw lots of other kids today too and they were all pretty good. The bride's son at the wedding was just being great. He showed Dingo how to play his Game Boy and he gave his boutonniere to Jesse and came over and talked to my folks very nicely. I was very impressed with him.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm proud of those kids and pretty happy they've gotten to an age where I can take them out and know we're going to get through events, even grownup events, without a big scene. :-)
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Today is busy, yet I find myself with some enforced downtime while I wait for someone else. After that though, I have lunch and shopping with [ profile] mstami, I have to go get Jesse enrolled in summer camp as I have waited til the last possible minute, I have to go to the bank, [ profile] jorjedatoy wants to slip me some sausage*, and my Mom wants to go to Sunfest In Bartlesville, which we might do if I decide she's doing well enough. She's been a little under the weather with a cold the last week. Also, I have to pin my friend Eve down on a time for the movie tonight. We're supposed to see The Notorious Bettie Page, but she seems to be having a hard time getting a time settled with her other friend who's going.

*Ok, actually, I just ordered blue and gold sausage from her kid, but this makes it sound more exciting, no?
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Yesterday the kids and I and R and [ profile] a_spirited_soul and her kids all packed up in her van and went to the Castle RenFaire in Muskogee. I risked being mocked and wore my non-authentic but still cute faire dress. My boys wore the wizard hats they got at the Norman Faire and when we got to their friends' house to pick them up, the other little boy had a matching wizard hat so they looked very cute together. I got my hair braided first thing, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do at a faire. We went in the maze, watched an acrobatic/juggling act while we fed all the kids, then we shopped a little and took a carriage ride. We sent the kids in the first carriage and we grownups rode in the second one. Apparently the children's horse farted during the ride, which was pretty much the highlight of the faire for them, I think.

We went in the Castle and sat for a while to cool off and while there saw [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83. I'm always happy to see them. R ran all the kids through the catacombs while we were in the castle. They wanted to go in the torture chamber too, but the Moms in the group vetoed it as inappropriately grisly. After that we ate a little more, shopped a little more, got my Mom a gift, got the boys wooden swords (What were we thinking?!?!) and the girl her face painted. After that we bought fudge and left. Amazingly, our sunscreen held out, everybody made it to the privies as needed and there were no serious injuries, even with the wooden swords, so a good day, no?

Upon return to Tulsa we went out to dinner at Shogun with R's sister's family. His older niece is like 6 feet tall now I think. She's about 14. The 12 year old is marginally taller than me now. His whole family is so freaking tall. I kind of hate just standing around with them anyplace, because I feel like a child. Anyway, the dinner was great, though after all day out in the heat, it was a little warm sitting at that hibichi table. (Hahaha, [ profile] jorjedatoy I typed hitachi at first instead of hibachi, and you know how painful it can be when I get those two mixed up, lmao.)

Today is busy busy getting ready for our trip, so I'd best get to it.
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I had a good time out last night with several friends, first to dinner at Costa Azul and then to a couple of clubs. I got to meet [ profile] christina49 for the first time. She is a sweetheart. :-)

My kids had spent the evening with [ profile] a_spirited_soul's kids at her house with a sitter last night. The babysitter reported, when I went to get the kids, that Jesse had thrown up while he was there but seemed fine afterward. I was, of course, horrified that he had probably thrown up on the rug or couch or something, so I asked the sitter if it was bad to clean up. She said, no, no, he got to the bathroom in time and in fact, on the way asked her "May I go use the toilet to throw up in now?" Ok, there's polite and then there's overdoing it a little, lol.

Today the kids and I haven't done anything but eating, hanging out in bed, reading and watching movies. I'm still sleepy from being out late and I just don't feel like getting out and doing anything more than that.


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