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Your liver, fava beans and a fine chianti.

Or maybe I'm just cranky tonight.


Jan. 5th, 2007 08:42 pm
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I now have a high speed connection at home, thanks to [ profile] oldmanpops. At least I have a connection when it's connecting, which is fortunately most of the time. It's pretty cool. On my email and lj I don't really notice a huge difference from dial-up, but on Neopets and when I was surfing travel sites for our spring vacation earlier it was very noticable.

This evening we've done essentially nothing. I ran a couple of loads of dishes and a couple of loads of laundry and other than that the kids have been showing me selected Avatar episodes and explaining the plot while I look up hotels in San Antonio, which is where I think we've decided to go. It has a SeaWorld and a Six Flags and plane flights aren't overly expensive. I offered the kids Mazzio's for dinner, but they wanted me to make them spaghetti instead, which is cool, as Mazzio's would run me $20 and spaghetti costs about $2.

Ok, off to the bath and some cinnamon scented bubbles. The kids are watching one of the same Avatar episodes again and really, the first time was enough for me. After I get out of the bath, I'm sending them to bed so I can watch an episode of Foyle's War.
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Jesse has eaten four bowls of salad today. He got one at Fuji for lunch along with his steak shioyaki, then asked the waiter if he could buy some of their faboo salad dressing to go, so they sold us a 16 oz. cup of it to take home. We went to see Flushed Away (which was partly kind of stupid and partly really funny) and then on the way home, he asked if he could have salad for dinner too so he could eat some of that dressing. I bought a bag of salad and a box of grape tomatoes and he's made his way through three more bowls of salad tonight. Dingo had steamed rice for lunch at the restaurant and then asked for steamed rice for dinner also. So apparently my children are now eating only one kind of food per day. That's probably going to make meal planning simpler.
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Tonight R and the kids and I ate at Sushi Train at 51st and Harvard. It's apparently owned by a Korean couple and has a few Korean dishes, but mostly has sushi and some Japanese entrees. The food was tasty, but the real selling point is that you can order off the menu or just snag things off the Sushi Train. The sushi bar is in the middle of the restaurant in a big oval with a garden scale (I think) model train track running around it. There's a very long electric train on it with lots of flatbed cars carrying sushi dishes, seafood salads and spring rolls and you can just grab them as they come around. They count up your various colored plates at the end of the meal so they know what you got. Sort of like dim sum but with a model train! We did both, ordered off the menu and got train items and were well satisfied with our meal. Also, prices are very good. Items on the train run from 1.45 to 2.85. Miso soup is just 1.00 and a large order of tempura shrimp rolls off the menu was 5.95 which is actually cheaper than grocery store sushi. The four of us got out of there for $28 before tip, which made me very happy.

Anyone wanna go back with me? There's still things on the sushi train I didn't try yet. :-)
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Somehow, Jesse managed to find a Bill and Ruth's sandwich shop today that's run by a nice Japanese couple who also sell nice fresh sushi and miso soup there. You never know where my kids are going to end up any given day. I made a creamy chicken noodle soup for dinner, but the kids were too full from the excursion to Bill and Ruth's to eat anything.

I dyed my hair back to dark brown tonight. I was getting too much contrast between my roots and the ends, which have been dyed a variety of light reds, so I figured I'd dye it all back to something darker to match the roots and then start over with red again when I dye it next and hope it goes on more evenly. It's a shock to look in the mirror and see the change. I'll try to get a picture of it for your perusal, but even if everyone hates it I'm probably going to leave it this color for a while.

After my hair dye fest, the kids and I played Cranium Conga and did some Mad Libs tonight. I should have been folding laundry, as I've got a huge laundry problem brewing here, but playing with the kids was more fun and laundry will still be there when I get to it, right? Dingo's still got a fear of zombies going on so I'm letting him fall asleep in here on the couch while Jesse reads and I check lj. I'll carry him to bed after he falls asleep.

I'm really sleepy and was just kind of lethargic at work all day. I still don't think I've caught up from the weekend. I was up really late Friday and then the next two nights I just didn't sleep well for whatever reasons. I'm going to try to go lie down in a hour or so and see if I can't shake this fatigue by tomorrow.
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Yesterday evening, Jesse greeted me at the door with 2 lbs of lean ground beef, a large jar of spaghetti sauce, some bread crumbs and some grated parmesan and asked me if he could borrow my slow cooker, which may be an odd thing for one's 9 year-old son to ask, but you know Jesse. He wanted meatballs for breakfast so he wanted to slow cook them overnight. I helped him just a little, adding spices, but basically, he made them himself. They smelled great when I woke up this morning and he went ahead and ate a few, but I decided to save mine for dinner tonight. Hopefully he won't eat the entire crockpot of meatballs while I'm gone today.

I'm really happy with him wanting to know how to cook. So far, he can at least make meatballs, waffles from bisquick, spaghetti, and vegetable soup. Plus Mom said he cooked some of their meals on the camp stove when they were in Colorado. He asked me this week if I could teach him to flip pancakes and eggs, but we haven't worked on it yet. I think he's doing well for a 9 year old though.
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So more yay! I had written to another high school friend of mine about the reunion and she wrote back this week with an update on her life and now we're exchanging emails. She and I were close in high school and she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married the first time. I saw her at her own wedding and one time after I think, but not since then, even though she just lives near Joplin which is less than 2 hours away. She has two little boys too, one just Jesse's age. Anyway, it's good to be back in touch with her. That's three old friends that have stumbled back into my life within the last two weeks. I guess it was just the right time.

Today I started a new thing with the kids. I've been a little overwhelmed with going back to work and still trying to keep the house up, so I'm leaving the kids a short list of chores that will help me out on any day that they aren't already busy with field trips or something. I know it's going to be my Mom that has to prod them into doing it, but hopefully they'll get more used to it soon and will do it on their own. Today they're to take the trash out, move the clean clothes out of the dryer and put the washed ones in it, put the potatoes and carrots into the roast I left slowcooking, and wash their hair. That seems like a very small amount of stuff, but even that much that I don't have to do or supervise will help me out. And time they're doing that is time they're not messing something else up, lol.

After we went to The Barnyard last night, I went and bought a new slow cooker. I got a big 6 quart one with a locking lid and big handles that don't get hot so you can take it to potlucks. I'm hoping to cook a slow cooker meal a couple of times a week because it's great to come home to dinner already done and I can also cook a lot healthier that way than I do when I fry stuff to get it done quick. I'm going to use those crockpot liners too and see how I like them. They seem like a good idea. Oh, and The Barnyard was a real stinker. My kids said they liked it "ok," but they didn't ask me if we could get it on DVD or ask to go back, so I know they weren't crazy about it. It's probably an adequate kids movie, but *all* the funny stuff was already in the commercials, the music was overall mildly irritating, the fact that all the "boy cows" had huge pink udders was distracting throughout, and though the farm animals were animated well, they were so poorly concieved that you sometimes couldn't even tell what kind of animal they were supposed to be. I'm glad we only paid $2 apiece.

Ok, guess I'd best find some work to do.
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Ya know what I'm having for a snack right now? Ripe cherry tomatoes straight out of my garden. Mmmmmmmm....
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Last night we saw Pirates at the Admiral Twin drive-in with [ profile] a_spirited_soul and her kids. I want to see it again sometime on a better screen with less dealing with excited kids, but the parts I saw were very good. The kids act a LOT better in a real movie theater, but the excitement of hanging out with their friends at the drive-in pretty much killed any chance of sitting still and watching the movie or say, letting ME watch the movie. I enjoyed the evening, in any case, and talking with Allison for a while after the movie.

Today has been, well, a day. It's about to let up though, and I've got pork chops and broccoli with cheese cooking. I haven't eaten anything today except one of the big cinnamon peach muffins I made this morning. Hmmm...I wonder how it would be if I broke one in half in a bowl, heated it back up, and then put ice cream on it. Pretty good, I'm guessing.
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Thanks to the Porter Peach Festival, I am now in possession of a few dozen beautiful ripe peaches. My mom took several quarts for her and grandma, and we have eaten several today amongst us and I have more cut up for this evening to share with [ profile] a_spirited_soul. Tomorrow I'm going to make a peach cinnamon streusel cake and maybe cut up and sugar (not much sugar, these are so sweet!) some for ice cream topping and freeze that, but I think I'm still going to have peaches. I don't really make jam, besides we bought peach jam (and peach salsa) at Porter so I'm going to have to make something else. I have a good peach daiquiri recipe. Maybe tomorrow night after I have put in a good day of work on cars and the house I'll make a big batch of fresh peach daiquiris. How good and refreshing does THAT sound?
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Tonight I made homemade macaroni and cheese. It's baking now, but I tasted the sauce before I put it in and OMGYUM! It's just butter, flour, milk, grated sharp cheddar, a little mustard, pepper, salt and paprika. I sprinkled parmesan on the top in case it wasn't cheesy enough, lol, but I think I would have been fine without it. I had a big lunch, but it's making me hungry again just smelling it.
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Yesterday we took off for OKC and to the OKC zoo, Beverly's Pancake corner, Penn Square Mall, the Omniplex, and then drove up to Edmond because Jesse wanted to buy everyone diner at Fazoli's. It was a good, if long, day.

I haven't been to the zoo there in a couple of years and it's been/being extensively remodeled. There's a new zoo train that goes into some of the animal pens, which is cool. Unless it turns out you're allergic to those animals and your throat swells half shut while you're doing that, but that's a whole 'nother story. The best thing we saw at the zoo was a goose chasing a baby rhinocerous. Even a baby rhino is pretty freaking big, but it went and hid under it's rhino mama when the goose started after it.

We had lunch at Beverly's. It's a nostalgia thing. We've been eating there since I was a kid. I like the fried chicken. Last time we went to OKC we got there after they closed, so this time we made a point to get there at lunchtime. Then we let the kids look around Penn Square mall, which is across the street from Beverly's, and Dingo got to use his Godiva gift card he got for his birthday. Jesse bought me a tiny little box of chocolates with ribbons and flowers on. He's a sweet boy.

We only had about an hour at the Omniplex, but it was a good time. Dingo and I stopped and watched the Gravitram for about half an hour. He would have just stayed there if I hadn't made him look at other things. (The Gravitram is a kinetic sculpture made of wire that sends metal balls down a variety of different paths, using switches to send the balls different ways. They get taken back up to the top and go down again over and over.) When we left the Omniplex we were just headed home but Jesse said he'd buy if we went out of our way to take him to eat at Fazoli's, which we don't have in Tulsa, and we weren't really on a schedule so we said fine.

The evening was peaceful. Jesse went to my Mom's to watch TV and Dingo holed up in my bedroom to watch TV, so I got to watch House MD all evening in the living room. R loaned me the first season and I'm twelve episodes in now and something of an addict. The kids will be gone camping with R this weekend (Yay for father-son togetherness) and my current plan is to stay in and watch the rest of this box of DVDs.
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Hahahaha! I have completely taken over this cheese tasting at MacNellies tonight, mostly by accident. I thought I would have a few friends there, but I keep getting calls today adding people and I think I'm up to 11, not counting anyone who might have made their own arrangements. I bet the lady running this is hating me for calling her every day to add more people.

Today has been a good day. I got my hair cut and then R bought the family lunch at Jim's Never on Sunday because Jesse informed us it was National Eating Stuff on a Stick Day, so we had the souvlaki. The boys made me a chocolate cake decorated like a castle with ice cream cone turrets and 19 beautiful silver candles on top. (Never mind that it's the 18th anniversary of my 19th birthday, lol.) The evening is looking good too. Only a nap would make the day better. :-)
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Today we worked on the yard. Fence repair, cutting up wood, arranging garden stuff and general cleaning. Plus we talked to Darla Hall, who showed up in our yard. She used to be a city council member and was now out campaigning for Kathy Taylor for Mayor. I went to school with Darla's daughter and she goes to church with my aunt. The lady with her whose name I didn't catch seemed to know my Mom. It's like a small town over here.

After all that, we grilled! My Dad had gotten a bunch of NY strip steaks, so we fired up the used grill we bought cheap last summer but never ended up using and I threw them on along with a vegetarian "griller" for Mom. The steaks were great and they smelled so good cooking. I'm glad we have a bunch more of them in the freezer. I also made foil packets of thin sliced yellow squash, tomato, onion, potato and sweet potato with a little oregano flavored oil, butter, and lemon herb seasoning and grilled those too. I'll definitely be doing that again, yum.

Now to tend to my car battery that needs replacing and then I think we're going to watch movies at home tonight unless something better turns up.


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