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Hahaha, I've been really worried about the clinic employees walking by my office and noticing that I'm not actually all that busy.  Well, I've been wearing heels to work as lot of days (trying to make a good impression this first few weeks) and it turns out that I'm frightening the clinic employees because every time I walk down the hall to go to the bathroom or something they think an administrator is coming out of the other part of the building, since everyone in the clinic itself wears sneakers or crocs.   Maybe I'll start wearing sandals and stop worrying about the clinic employees walking by and we'll all be less stressed.
So I went to a large function last night for my Dad's side of the family at Johnny Carinos.  The family is, by and large, strict Southern Baptists which means you can't even order a drink to get  you through the evening with them.   My cousin Karen, when I arrived dressed in my customary demure way (not!) with my tattoo showing, said "well, at least it takes the pressure off me."   She's not really all that good a girl, but next to me she seems that way, and she knows it.  My aunt, who hadn't noticed my tattoo in the three years I've had it, said I was grounded for getting it.  (Yay, does that mean I get to stay in my room and sleep?)  Everyone was pretty nice though.  I kind of like being the black sheep of the family, but knowing they still love me cause we're family.    My kids acted *great*, much better than my various cousins' kids the same age and it was remarked on by several people.  That must just mystify everyone, as I alone in the family don't spank my kids or take them to church.  (Cause you know church kids never get in trouble, lol.)
Looking forward to the weekend.
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Well, today my cousin Karen called and is in town. She lives in NC, but visits periodically and I'm always excited to see her. She wants to go see Pirates of the Caribbean after her parents' anniversary dinner tomorrow night if we get out in time. It would be another late night for me, but I'd like to go anyway. Karen and I have a mutual friend whose husband walked out on her a month or so ago and we want to take her out to do something. Truthfully, I've never liked the husband and I think she's better off in the long run, but it's still an adjustment, I'm sure. I also talked to [ profile] marykaykare on the phone today and am hoping she'll have time to go to dinner on Monday while she's in Tulsa.

I'm an unusually busy girl this week, what with those items and the stuff from my schedule that I already posted. Next week, if anyone wants to do anything, let me know. I am without kids from Sunday morning through the whole next weekend and I know I'm going to be missing them and needing distraction. I'm going to spend some time at home trying to take care of home repairs and deep cleaning I've been putting off, but I'll have a few nights to go out and do something too.
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Well, today at lunch, per [ profile] bills_anita's suggestion, I took a big basket of fruit, granola bars and muffins up to that family whose daughter is in the hospital and the other one was killed. I really didn't know what else to do. I wasn't brave enough to go barging in where they were since I hardly know them, so I left it with their nurse, who seemed to think it would be useful and promised to take it to them.

I visited my other friend on a different floor and she seemed in pretty good spirits for being stuck in a hospital room. I think she'll get to go home tomorrow, yay. She showed me her very impressive stitches, and you know I love weird medical stuff, lol.

Work today has been busier than yesterday, thankfully. The guy who hired me came up and told me that he'd gotten "rave reviews" about me from other staff here and at the Community Service Council. Honestly, I've only been here two weeks and I haven't done enough yet to deserve any kind of reviews, but I guess I've been showing up on time, being polite and not getting in anyone's way. Maybe they just have really low standards.

Tonight R and I and Mom and the kids are going to Discoveryland. It's going to be beastly hot, no doubt. As soon as I get off work I'm going to go home and ditch this suit and heels and put on shorts and sandals. Tomorrow night I have errands and Thursday night my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Friday is Jesse's last theater performance of the summer, Saturday is more 50th anniversary festivities (and I use the word festivities advisedly) and then Sunday my kids are leaving on vacation without me, which I am anticipatinng but also a little sad about.
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Yesterday we went to Eureka Springs as our last big fun thing before I go back to work. We had gone not that long ago, but Dingo had gotten a little ill by the time we got there and the whole trip just wasn't great because of that. Yesterday we took R with us, the kids were in a good mood and we had a much better trip. On the way there we stopped in Chouteau for snacks and baked goods. When we got to Eureka Springs we picked up all day trolley tickets and then took a trolley to the top of the town to walk down through the shopping district. We got about halfway through the shopping district then hiked down to the train station (it was a long way!) for the excursion train, stopping for a tex-mex lunch along the way. Along the train ride they let us stop and lay coins on the track and then ran the locomotive over them. The kids loved that. After the train, we caught a trolley back and finished our shopping. We got a huge sack of t-shirts, purses, candy, stuffed animals, a hat and another item which probably deserves its own post with a picture. When we were done shopping we caught a trolley back to the information center where we'd left the car, and headed out to Turpentine Creek and saw bunches of animals. The kids loved a blue and gold mccaw named Cecil, they had there that talked to us. He said "pretty bird, feathers, hello, hi there, and mccaw" They'd never seen a talking bird before. On the way home, we stopped in Tontitown for awesome homemade Italian food at the Venusian Inn. I brought half my chicken home and am going to eat it as soon as I get through typing here.

Today I think we'll just hang out at home, clean, and go to the library, and then late tonight we're supposed to be going to the drive in with friends to see Pirates of the Caribbean.
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The last day of vacation, we got on up and had another hotel breakfast, plus leftover pizza from the night before, packed up the van, checked out and headed down to the Museum of Science and Industry.  Once again, a massive museum with more than you could see in a day.   I guess Chicago likes its museums big.   They were having a special exhibit on Leonardo DaVinci where they had built models of some of his most famous mechanical designs and some of them were hands on.  Jesse got to fire a catapult clear across the room.  He'd just been studying Leonardo in school so it tied right in.   My Mom took Dingo in The Idea Factory and I thought he'd never come out of there.   Besides that we went through a huge model train layout, the Colleen Moore Fairy Castle, an airplane you could walk through, an exhibit on genetics and one on toy robots, "yesterday's mainstreet", which had an ice cream parlor we had to stop at, and the U-505 exhibit.  The U-505 is a German U-boat from WWII, the only one we ever captured and just one of a handful remaining in the world today.  It's more enormous than I thought it would be.  They had to actually lower it into place and then build the building around it.   We paid the extra $5 and took a guided tour of the inside, which also explained how it was captured by Allied forces in 1944.  I think it was actually my favorite thing in Chicago, but I like WWII history anyway.  There was an exhibit of a lot of artifacts taken off the boat too.  Apparently capturing the classified documents , Enigma machine, codebooks, etc, from the U-505 may have hastened the end of the war by a significant amount.   I found  a Discovery Channel special on it from Netflix and am having it shipped today. 

Anyway, after that we went to Chinatown, which Jesse really wanted to do.  We had an excellent Dim Sum at the New Three Happiness restaurant and then we just walked up and down the street shopping and snacking.  We brought back quite a few souveniers as Jesse likes all things Asian.  By the time we were done there, we were running out of time before our flight, but I had promised the kids a beach, so we took 30 minutes at the beach near McCormick Place and let the kids put on suits and splash in Lake Michigan so they could say they'd been in a Great Lake.  Then we had my folks drop us off (they were driving back) at the el station at Chinatown and we only had to change trains once to get on the one to O'Hare airport.   The el was faster than driving though, I think, and we met some nice ladies from Pittsburgh to talk to on the ride.   We were cutting the time pretty fine  by the time we were underway to the airport and then we had some trouble getting cleared  for boarding passes once we got there, but the gate agent was very nice and the plane was delayed anyway, so all was well that ended well, even if we had some panicked moments and running through the airport the way they do in movies.

All in all, a very good trip, and I don't feel like we wasted a moment there.  I don't think that sort of non-stop activity is great for every family, but it suited us and we were glad to get to see so much.  I'll probaby put more pics of the Chicago part of the trip up in the gallery with the St. Louis pics tomorrow maybe.
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So, the third day of our vacation, I let everyone sleep a little later than I had the previous two days because we were going to the Sears Tower first and it didn't open til 10:00.  We got a  good continental breakfast in the hotel and then walked on over to the Sears tower, which was just a couple of blocks from our hotel.  We passed a Giordano's pizza on the way and two of my guidebooks had mentioned it as a good place to get Chicago style pizza, so we took note.    We got to the Sears tower half an hour early in case of lines, but there wasn't a line and they let us go on up to the 103rd floor.  The view was great even though it was a little cloudy.  We liked seeing our hotel from up high, as we'd been looking the other way just the night before.  We could tell which room was ours and everything.  At the Sears tower we bought bus/el passes for the day and hopped on transit to get down to the Shedd Aquarium.  

At the aquarium they were having, in addition to the regular wonderful exhibits,  an exhibit on Lizards and the Komodo King.   We spent quite a while in there because I like lizards.   The Komodo was lazy and wouldn't come look at us, but you could see him behind a log.  Big lizard.  We also saw a dolphin show.  We watched half from the top and then went to the underwater viewing and watched the dolphins swim there.  We also saw OTTERS!  Sea otters and river otters.  They were lively and fun.    We didn't have time (as was the case most places) to see everything, but we made it to the Amazon area, the coral reef, and the penguins also.   ANd the gift shop.  We didn't miss a gift shop on this trip, lol.   Leaving the Shedd, we went down the street to the Field Museum.  

The Field is a massive natural history museum and I don't think I could even begin to talk about what we saw there, except as a list.  We saw Sue the Tyrannosaurus, many other dino skeletons, a room full of gems, a beautiful walk through exhibit on the South Pacific complete with a Maori meeting house that had been moved to the museum, an ancient Egypt walk-through exhibit, and in passing, some Tibetian and Asian items.  There were two special exhibits (besides  Tut) that were of note.  One was a display of photos from a photo album that someone managed to save from Auschwitz that showed the person's family and friends and documented the processing, sorting, work, and even people in the minutes before the gas chambers. (though there are no images of actual killing)   It's apparently the only such photographic record.  I would have taken Jesse in because I think it's important, but his Dad wasn't comfortable with that, so I went through it by myself (My Mom went through it by herself too, we had gotten seperated.)  Anyway, it was a striking exhibit.   The other special exhibit was the Underground Adventure, which pretended to shrink you and you walk through a display of what it's like right under the surface of the Earth.  That was cool , and Dingo's favorite thing.  

At 5:30 we had tickets to Tut at Twilight, so we queued up for that, picked up our headphones and went on in.  It was several rooms of the most fantastic artifacts and if you get the audio tour, which we did, you even get extra information narrated by Omar Sharif.   The items were all in  astonishingly good condition and well worth seeing.  At the end they had a display on scans they've done of Tut's body to try to determine more about him and the cause of death, as he was only 19 when he died.   It was very interesting what new technologies have shown that weren't apparent in the scans they did in the 70's.  After Tut we caught a bus back to the hotel and then walked a couple of blocks over to the Giordano's we'd seen earlier that day.  I'd never had Chicago style pizza before and it was great.     Huge thick pizzas just full of cheese.  Yum.  We ordered too much though.  When it says the pizza feeds one or two, your whole family could eat it  in actuality.  After that, we walked (I don't know how as our feet were so freaking tired) back to the hotel and went to bed.
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So about that vacation...

The first night, Tuesday, all we did was drive to a small town near St. Louis and spend the night. We got in about 1:00 so we didn't really get enough sleep, but we got a little. In the morning, we drove on into St. Louis and went directly to the zoo. It's a great zoo. The highlights were the penguin and puffin exhibit. Much more awesome than Tulsa's. It was indoor and freezing cold and had a number of different kinds of Antarctic penguins. You could get right up close to them too, so close they splashed you. We rode the train all the way around, went through the great ape exhibits, and went through the River's Edge exhibit, which was a walking path that took you through a bunch of cool river animals. We also rode the carousel and the dinosaur simulator machine. After we left there, we went downtown to the arch. R and the kids had never been up in it, so that was very neat. Personally, I don't like the tight little elevator capsules to get up there, but I managed not to panic and once we were up the view was great.

After the arch, we went to the City Museum, which contained...geez, there's no way to really describe it. It was an interactive museum that was designed by artists instead of by pedantic children's museum curators. Outside, there was a massive several story play structure that consisted of welded wire tunnels, huge slides, two actual aircraft, a castle turret, walkways, ball pits, secret passages and more. It was truly a work of art. Art you could hurt yourself on, lol. I'm providing a link, and I'll post some pictures, because I just can't really describe how wondrous it was. I followed the kids through every one of those freaking tunnels and staircases and slides, btw, except a couple that weren't big enough for adults. Most of the adults were just watching, but I never said I was mature or had any kind of good judgement. When we entered the museum, the guy selling tickets told us "If your kids disappear in a hole anywahere in here that you can't fit in, they'll come out in the same room, but if it's big enough for you, you should follow them because they could come out anywhere else in the museum." That's the kind of place it was.

Upstairs in the city museum they had an art space where the kids could make all sorts of things, a shoelace factory, a small kids area, a slide that went down the three stories of the museum and a weird carnival/soda fountain/corndog art/robot nougat factory/sideshow. There was an aquarium too. And a ride on train for the little kids. And a "puking pig." AND...another mass of labrynthine tunnels, stairs, slides, and fantasy dinosaurs known as the enchanted caverns. It was in an old shoe warehouse many stories tall and the caves use 5 or 6 stories of it. There was a really long spiral slide starting near the top, which we all went down, even my dad. We all got an injury or two in the caverns cause they're made of metal and concrete. SO worth it though. And so enormous and twisting you can actually get lost in there. All the caves and the play structure outside (which is called Monstrocity) are made of recycled and scavanged pieces from other buildings in St Louis that had been torn down. Every surface in the museum is covered with mosaics, walk through sculptures and weirdness. There's a little log cabin with a bar in it right off the playground for grownups too. The employees are wacky artist types who urge your children to climb through unknown holes in the floor and stand under the puking pig. We all LOVED THIS PLACE. GO THERE NOW! HURT YOURSELF ON THE ART! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! Um, sorry, we just really enjoyed it...

On our way out of St. Louis we ate at a hippie coffeeshop nearby the museum that was recommended by a museum person. The food was good and it was a relaxing respite after the frantic four hours at the City Museum. When we left there, we drove straight through to Joliet, found a nice motel and took Jesse swimming, then went to bed.
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Yesterday the kids and I and R and [ profile] a_spirited_soul and her kids all packed up in her van and went to the Castle RenFaire in Muskogee. I risked being mocked and wore my non-authentic but still cute faire dress. My boys wore the wizard hats they got at the Norman Faire and when we got to their friends' house to pick them up, the other little boy had a matching wizard hat so they looked very cute together. I got my hair braided first thing, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do at a faire. We went in the maze, watched an acrobatic/juggling act while we fed all the kids, then we shopped a little and took a carriage ride. We sent the kids in the first carriage and we grownups rode in the second one. Apparently the children's horse farted during the ride, which was pretty much the highlight of the faire for them, I think.

We went in the Castle and sat for a while to cool off and while there saw [ profile] moonpack_alpha and [ profile] ikol83. I'm always happy to see them. R ran all the kids through the catacombs while we were in the castle. They wanted to go in the torture chamber too, but the Moms in the group vetoed it as inappropriately grisly. After that we ate a little more, shopped a little more, got my Mom a gift, got the boys wooden swords (What were we thinking?!?!) and the girl her face painted. After that we bought fudge and left. Amazingly, our sunscreen held out, everybody made it to the privies as needed and there were no serious injuries, even with the wooden swords, so a good day, no?

Upon return to Tulsa we went out to dinner at Shogun with R's sister's family. His older niece is like 6 feet tall now I think. She's about 14. The 12 year old is marginally taller than me now. His whole family is so freaking tall. I kind of hate just standing around with them anyplace, because I feel like a child. Anyway, the dinner was great, though after all day out in the heat, it was a little warm sitting at that hibichi table. (Hahaha, [ profile] jorjedatoy I typed hitachi at first instead of hibachi, and you know how painful it can be when I get those two mixed up, lmao.)

Today is busy busy getting ready for our trip, so I'd best get to it.
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This morning the kids and R took my Mom and I to El Chico for fajitas and strawberry nachos. Jesse had gotten me a Border's gift card with his own money, sweet boy. Dingo and R got me the original American cast recording of Evita on CD, which makes me very happy indeed. I've been relaxing and listening to it all afternoon. I like the movie version as well, but the play is slightly different, and I think I like Patti Lupone's voice better than Madonna's. I feel minorly guilty (as I do nearly every Mother's Day) that what I really like on Mother's Day is for R to watch the kids so I can have some time to myself, but it's a holiday so I don't feel like I have to get a lot accomplished like I would on a normal day away.
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Hahahaha! I have completely taken over this cheese tasting at MacNellies tonight, mostly by accident. I thought I would have a few friends there, but I keep getting calls today adding people and I think I'm up to 11, not counting anyone who might have made their own arrangements. I bet the lady running this is hating me for calling her every day to add more people.

Today has been a good day. I got my hair cut and then R bought the family lunch at Jim's Never on Sunday because Jesse informed us it was National Eating Stuff on a Stick Day, so we had the souvlaki. The boys made me a chocolate cake decorated like a castle with ice cream cone turrets and 19 beautiful silver candles on top. (Never mind that it's the 18th anniversary of my 19th birthday, lol.) The evening is looking good too. Only a nap would make the day better. :-)


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