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I can sit with my legs crossed now. I mean, like when sitting in a chair, I can have one knee over the other, the way women in skirts sit. I have always either crossed my legs at the ankles, or crossed my ankle over my knee, the way most men sit, because my thighs were too fat to sit any other way. Don't get me wrong, I know I am still fat, but it's little things like that that make it seem real, when I don't see any progress in the mirror.
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The first vivid memory I have is of jumping headfirst into a glass coffee table at my grandmother's house and having to get stitches. That kind of thing makes an impression. A literal impression I guess, as I still have a scar on my forehead from it.
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My weight was 162 this morning. Not that I'm not grateful, I guess, but I'm baffled. That's a pound lower than my lowest weight when I was working out a lot and 2 lbs down from just over a week ago. If I broke 160 it would be the first time since I was in high school.
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I have not been super good about watching what I eat, and it's the week after Xmas, and I am still down 2 lbs from October. I'm at 164, which is nearly my lowest adult weight. I took the kids for a 2 mile walk yesterday at Turkey Mountain and realized that I don't get as out of breath walking up the hills as I used to. It was an easy walk and not tiring at all. And R bought me some size 12/14 pajama pants at Xmas and they fit fine. Admittedly pajama pants have an elastic waist, but there was certainly a time that I couldn't have gotten into ANYTHING in a 14, elastic or not. My jeans are still a 16, but are a little loose. I think maybe as few as 5-10 more pounds and I might be able to fasten a 14 in jeans. Crazy.
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Turkey breast--put on in am.
Brisket--heat right before dinner
Pilgrim peas--made, heat tomorrow
Corn--heat tomorrow
Broccoli & cauliflower--heat tomorrow
Fruit salad--made
Cranberry orange sauce-thaw tonight
Mashed potatoes, make tonight--heat tomorrow.
Green bean casserole--make tonight, heat tomorrow.
Gravy--heat tomorrow
King's Hawaiian Rolls--heat tomorrow

Mom is bringing:
Candied yams with apples
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
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So the kids are rehearsing Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Clark. Again. This is our 4th year with it. They both have laughably small roles this year, but are getting to hang out with their friends, so it's fine, but I get a little (unjustifiably?) irritated with having to be at so many rehearsals when they literally have no more than 5 lines apiece. Oh well. They both had good roles in Wizard of Oz.

So here is what our fall schedule has turned into: Rehearsals a few times a week, guitar lessons weekly for Jesse, drum lessons weekly for Dingo, CampFire twice a month for Dingo, Kung Fu weekly for Dingo, Tai Chi weekly for Jesse, Laughing Matter Improv weekly for both, YST Improv weekly for Jesse, YST Drama Troupe weekly for Jesse, PE weekly for Dingo, Rec Day weekly for Dingo. Obviously Dingo isn't playing soccer this season because rehearsals conflict, but in spring, the play he might be in is over in Feb, so he'll be playing soccer instead of rehearsing.

So that's an average of about 13-14 things a week they have to be at on normal weeks (not tech or performance weeks, which are worse.) If anyone is wondering why they never see me (or why my house is such a mess,) well, there's your answer. Even though my Mom takes them some of those places, it still leaves plenty for me.
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This morning I was at 166 lbs. That's down 2 lbs over a weekend, but I didn't do anything on the weekend but eat stupid things. I ate all day yesterday, or it seemed like it. So now I wonder if something might be wrong. I mean, I want to lose weight, obviously, but it seems to be coming off without me doing anything to make that happen, which worries me. I hate going to the Dr though, really hate it, and I hate going with something as dumb as "I'm losing weight," which is of course what I'm *supposed* to be doing. I've also had a lot of symptoms related to hormones, like tender breasts, my skin breaking out, and my endometriosis pain really acting up, so maybe something about that is the reason. (Not technically possible for me to be pregnant, in case you were about to suggest it.) I guess I'll just wait it out a little and see if it's a fluke and I gain it right back, or if it continues.
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I can't, because I do not believe in ghosts or supernatural anything.
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I posted in June that I was down to 170 lbs, and this week I weighed in at 168. I'm not really doing anything except eating most meals at home and trying to include more fruits and vegetables. I haven't particularly cut back on sweets, or been exercising any more than usual or really doing portion control. I would really like to be losing this weight off my stomach, which I'm not really. I can nearly close my fingers around my ankle now, and I didn't really need skinnier ankles as much as say, a discernible waistline, but I guess I'll take what I can get and hope that it is improving my health. I gave a lot of my size 18-22 clothes to Goodwill a few weeks ago, so am hopeful that this is a long-term change. If I were ever down to 150 lbs, I would be ecstatic. I know that seems like it's still a pretty high weight for a goal weight, but my dr and I agreed that aiming for "skinny" would probably not be realistic for me and at around 150 I would be basically a lot healthier than I am now.
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Last night I dreamed that I had some sort of abdominal cancer and it was slowly spreading, and then I woke up and my endometriosis was really hurting. I think it's weird how you incorporate things that are happening in the real world into dreams one way or another. Once I dreamed that my hand was falling off and when I woke up, I found that my bracelet had gotten twisted and was cutting off my circulation in that hand. The good thing is that it's kind of a relief when you wake up and it's not actually as bad as it was in your dream.
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Me. I have to be honest here, I crack myself up sometimes.
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Dingo:  Let's play 20 questions!
Me: Do we have to?
Jesse:  Is it animal?
Dingo: No
Me:  Mineral?
Dingo:  Yes
Jesse:  Does it weigh more than 2 kilograms?
Dingo:  I don't know
Me:  That's 4.4 pounds
Dingo:  No
Me:  Will it give you ultimate power?
Dingo:  What?  No!
Jesse:  Is its surface area more than 1 square meter?
Dingo:  What?
Me:  Is it Of This Earth?
Dingo: What?
Jesse:  Is it monkey related?
Dingo:  No!
Jesse:  Really?  It's not monkey related?
Me:  Yeah, I thought it would be about monkeys too.
Dingo:  Why are we even playing this?  We have a TV right there!  We don't HAVE to play games together!
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I'm more of an entertainer who hopes to make people laugh, but who instead usually just makes herself feel awkward and other people feel kind of uncomfortable.
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Jesse: I saw a church sign the other day that said "God's Mercy is Greater than Your Greatest Sin."

Me: Yeah?

Jesse: Well, challenge accepted!

Me: Uh...
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Just go ahead and let that smartass self out and don't worry so much about whether people like you. Some folks will find you hilarious anyway.
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"I'm letting you off with a warning this time."
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Disneyworld. Laugh if you want, but I fucking love Disneyworld.
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Everything is going along fine for now. Busy busy, but fine. All the summer theatre camps and park camps are over for the summer, but Jesse has one more weekend on the play he's in, then Sunday he heads to resident Engineering Camp for a week. He has his scientific calculator and his Star Wars pajama pants, so is all ready. When he gets back, the next day he and Dingo have auditions for Wizard of Oz.

I have a lot of work to do at work, getting my caseload cleaned up so I'm happier about going to work in the morning, and I've not much free time at home, but I am managing to keep the house pretty clean after my epic housecleaning a couple of weeks ago. We've been keeping cool even in the 100 degree weather, thanks to a lot of air conditioning and some trips to various pools. I've been cooking a lot which I like to do, is easy on the budget and makes everyone happy. Jesse told me the other day that he loves my cooking a lot more than restaurant food, which is nice, because I know he likes restaurant food.

Nothing else to report. Just still here. :-)
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Keep it. I can see donating it, if you felt it wasn't yours, but who on Earth would take it to the police? Really? REALLY?!?


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